Friday, December 15, 2006

Getting Our Christmas On

I am slowly getting it together over here.
Shopping--nearly done.
Christmas cards more than half addressed--will be mailed on Monday. I promise.

However, not a single gift is wrapped.
No baking done-- what so ever-- but I might make some cookies tomorrow. I'll post the recipe if I do. They are really good: white chocolate, oatmeal, pecans and dried crasain cookies.

But nevertheless we got our Christmas on. The lights and outside decorations went up last weekend and we decorated our tree. Christmas has thrown up all over our house.
And the kids are loving it.

Our neighbor had put his lights up the weekend before. He had just put some on his house. But then we put up our lights and I noticed on Wednesday that he had added a giant snowman and some lights on the trees in front of his house.
Does this mean we are suppose to put more lights up? Get another obnoxious inflatable?

I think we are still winning because we have lights in the back too. Neighbor doesn't so that must mean we are excelling at the whoever-has-the-highest-electric-bill-in-January-wins contest.
You see, our house is decorated in the Christmas mullet fashion:

We are all Christmas in the front.

And party in the back.

Classy, I know.

Carmella has her pink tree up:

Beau keeps asking for his Blue tree. He doesn't have a blue tree. Santa brought Carmella her Pink tree the year she was almost 3. So I guess that means Santa better be bringing Beau a Blue tree.
Does anyone know where I can buy a Blue tree?

Beau had a Christmas program and sang "Mary Had a Baby Boy". In his performance they mime wrapping a baby in swaddling clothes. Beau pretty much swaddled for the whole song. That is when he wasn't pointing out to his friends his Mommy and their Mommy.
And then he did a performance at home of Rudolf the Red Nose Reindeer. However, around here we change around who has the red nose--sometimes it is Carmella the red nosed kindergartner, or Mommy the red nosed runner or maybe Beau the red nosed preschooler. Both kids get mad when they are the red nosed one of the song so most of the time I am the red nosed one. This tells me that while kids like the idea of Rudolf they still know he is a freak. I see how it is. They all say they love Rudolf and he'll go down in history and is the hero of Christmas and all that but really no one wants to be him. No one wants a red nose. It is totally freaky. Even to the 3 and 5 year olds who should probably think a red nose that lights up like a light bulb is pretty cool. But no. It is still freakish.
Makes for cute school projects though.
Finally, the kids helped out a lot in the decorating the tree this year. The tree has never looked so bad.
It is a mess.
But that is okay. I did have to move some ornaments around because we definitely don't agree in how a tree should be decorated nor do they have any understanding about the complicated science of ornament placement. It quickly came apparent to me that lumping ornaments together on the lowest branches in a straight line is the height of Christmas "decatating" among the playground set.
Hope everyone else that does the jingle jig is getting their Christmas on too.


  1. LOL! That's a great pink Christmas tree and her look is precious! Tell Carmella that I'm jealous of her pretty pink tree...For a blue one, search the Internet...there's bound to be some out there...if all fails, get a white one and spray paint it blue. Cute red nosed reindeer too!

    Love those beer can lights in the back too! That's what my wife does too...let me decorate the back deck anyway I want. Our Christmas is on on the front and inside...I just need to get the back all lit up!

    Way to get in the Christmas where's that eggnog...? :o)

  2. Here is one on ebay...only a day and half left:

  3. Charlie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    OMG it is perfect. I can't stop laughing at it. I have never ebayed but signed up and bid. Beau will go nuts.

    Kids totally make Christmas.

    I do not do eggnog. I HATE eggs. But Ryan drinks eggnog so we do usually have some.

    We have had those beer can lights since our first Christmas together. His mother HATES them so we usually will put them on the tree or the mantel as a joke just to annoy her. If I could find more I'd buy them. Really, I need little corona lights for me.
    Happy Christmas!

  4. At least your kids put the decatations ON the tree. Dagny still concentrates on removing them and throwing them over her shoulder.

  5. Howdy! I nominate "Christmas Shopping" as a OLYMPIC SPORT! The malls were crazy yesterday!! Your neighborhood XMAS decoration contest reminds me of the recent movie, "Deck the Halls!" Happy trails, Bruce

  6. Steph, I don't have Beau throwing the ornaments but he is VERY interested in electricity. He is all about plugging, unplugging and is just not getting that 3 yr old can not play with electrical outlets. I'd take the ornament throwing. You know each year Christmas presents a different problem with Beau--at 4 months he at the tree, at 16 months he pulled the ornaments off and broke them and then at 28 months he smashed all the figures of the Nativity scene so we no longer have one. Now he is all about the lights. Maybe when he is 4 I can relax a little.

    Bruce, Shopping is an Olympic Sport and I would have to say my mother in law would get the gold. She is the best shopper in the whole world. She has amazing endurance. I have reisgned myself to mostly online shopping. The crowds don't bother me so much but I completely lose my mind over the traffic.

  7. Did ya get it? The blue tree...that is!

  8. No! I emailed the seller and they could not guarentee that I would have it before Christmas. And then bidding went higher than I wanted to pay along with the shipping costs anyway, so I let it go. I think I only paid $20 for Carmella's and it came with ornaments and lights.
    But it was perfect.

  9. BTW...I was at Wal-Mart yesterday and was cruising the holiday decorations area...big 75% off sale but already picked through. I found this blue tinsel tree with lights...about 18-20 tall...had this real urge to get it to ship out...but didn' only had two of the three legs that it stood on. So...check your stores for year end might find that blue tree for next year.