Saturday, January 27, 2007

Long Run: 8 weeks and counting down.

Sunday is 8 weeks til ING and I finally got a 20 miler in. But damn did it suck. I don't know what my problem is but today was really a struggle. And I can't blame the weather today. It was a beautiful day--an almost spring day-- and if it hadn't been so nice I am sure I would have bailed.

After the first 6 miles I actually altered my course--it should have been a 22 miler--just in case things got worse and then I could cut my losses and make it a 15 miler.

But I hung in there and I am glad I did--just for the sake of getting it done. It worked out to be a little over 3 hours which is really surprising considering all the walking I did.

And my calves and Achilles? Yeah, they bothered me for, oh, about 16 miles. I found it funny--not funny haha but funny peculiar-- that the last 4 miles felt the best. I ran the last 4 in under an 8 minute mile pace-- go figure that. Who knows, maybe if I had stuck it out there another few miles it could have been even better. Yeah right, I know when to call it day and end on a high note.

After the past few weeks of training not going as well as I think it should I just have to tell myself that it is better to struggle in training than in the race. And that is what is getting me through and keeping me from quitting completely.

Anyway, not a completely terrible week:
Sunday: Rest
Monday: 6 outside and then 5k speed workout on the treadmill. I think I did weights--I can't remember. I think I did weights twice this week.
Tuesday: 10 miles general aerobic run
Wednesday: 10 miles general aerobic run
Thursday: 13 sucky miles--long run I cut short. 4 mile speed workout. Weights.
Friday: Rest day but did take the kids and Lola on a 3 mile walk at the trail. I am not counting that in my mpw though.
Saturday: 20 miles in 3 hours.
Total MPW: 66--not too shabby . . .


  1. Nice job haning in there during that 20-miler, it'll be easier in the race! My achilles was worrisome yesterday too, I wonder if it was due to watching the movie "Troy" the day before? The power of suggestion can be pretty strong:) Your training week wasn't too shabby, you got the job done!

  2. Bruce---you are so goofy. I am certain it was the movie. Most definitely. Certainly couldn't be all those 70 mile weeks you've clocked in the past 6 months.

    As always, thanks for the support.