Friday, January 26, 2007


Beau and Carmella are very competitive with each other. Everything is a race: Who can get up the stairs first, get dressed/undressed first, brush their teeth first,get in the car, finish breakfast/lunch/dinner first and so on and so on.

The one who wins screams "I won! You lose!" Then taunting begins: Carmella is a loser, Beau is a baby etc. Carmella, being Carmella, usually feels badly afterwards and consoles Beau that next time he can win. Beau, being Beau, never feels badly.

All this competition is very advantageous for me as it is a way to get them to get stuff done. And while I admit that this may not be the best parenting approach it does help me get crap done without having to blow my stack.

So today, to encourage Carmella to finish her breakfast (she always loses the breakfast competition but always wins the dinner), I pointed out that Beau was winning.
This is when she matter-of-fact told me: "Mommy we don't do that anymore. We do pattarins. And it is Beau's turn to win."

"Pattarins?" I asked.

"Yes," she said, explaining: "I win, then Beau wins and then it is my turn again. Pattarins. I won last so it is Beau's turn to win. I lose."

"Carmella, just finish your breakfast."
Carmella's vocabulary has always been larger than her understanding but she fakes it well. I love how confident she is of her word comprehension. And I admire her for being so adventurous and using the big words in new and unique ways.

But please tell me this; how in the hell am I suppose to get them to do anything if the spirit of friendly competition is dead in our house because of the "pattarins" movement?

Sigh, as always, Mommy loses.

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