Thursday, January 25, 2007

The Cold; the Bitter, Bitter Cold

Yeah, so my long run didn't go so well and, as it turned out, it wasn't actually long.

When I heard on the morning news that they had a wind advisory for this morning I knew then that I wasn't going to have the run of my life. Maybe the negativity is to blame. I don't know, but I do know it is just really hard to stay postive when you are bone cold and uncomfortable. What can I say? I'm a southern girl and I guess I am just not all that tough when it comes to the cold. I tried though.

The temperature when I started was 33 degrees with wind gusts. I can't remember what the mph were.

And, the first mile was okay but then my Achilles tightened up. I had to walk, stop and stretch it, massage it, and walk. This went on for a few miles and then I had to pee. But my pit stop was still 4 miles away. I have mentioned before how difficult it is to run when you have to pee right? We won't visit that again.

Then the wind really kicked in. Did I mention that the first part of this course has some monster rolling hills? That was not fun running against the wind. But my Achilles though was finally warm, so at least that was good--- or maybe it was that I couldn't feel it.

I stopped around mile 7 and got water and a potty and then continued on. Around mile 10 a gust hit me hard as I was coming down a hill and I got tossed a bit. I guess it looked funny because the guy stopped at the stop sign was laughing at me. At mile 11 I had the option of going left and running 10 more miles or going right and running 2 more. I took a right. I finished the run at 13 miles and just under 2 hours and it sucked.

But I went to the gym tonight and ran 4 miles in 29:18 on the treadmill so I feel better about that. I plan on trying to do my long run on Saturday. I already mapped out my route and it is just shy of 22 miles. So I am taking tomorrow off from running and resting up, so hopefully it will go well. No excuses. I'm sick of them.


  1. What about wearing your regular summer running shorts UNDER your tights? That way you'd have two layers and they'd still fit OK. That is what Doug is doing but he doesn't have tights, more like slim fitting sweats - because the man at the running store said that men aren't that into tights.

    My shorts are bulkier than tights so they fit on the outside.

    That is wild about the wind - I have a good mental picture of you flying through the air. : )

  2. Snow may be in the forecast for this weekend here in Georgia. It's really kind of cool to run in the swirling snow. I'm excited...but I've only got twelve miles planned.

  3. I saw that there might be snow but I think that isn't until Sat night. And really, who are we kidding? At any rate, Sat's forecast still looks better than yesterday's was--so far.

    But I agree (on the few occasions I've had the opportunity) it is pretty magical to run in the snow--so long as it is not windy.

  4. Steph, some men are into tights--none that I care to know but some are.

    I might try the shorts underneath. I do think UnderArmour makes some underwear for this very issue. I'm going to look around.

    Thanks for you suggestions!

  5. Damn! I wish I could run 4 miles in 29:10! You're more dedicated than I...I decided it was too cold and didn't run at all on Thursday.