Wednesday, January 24, 2007

What 20 buck Happiness Bought

--Can of black beans to go with the rice that went with the chicken enchilada dinner I made.
That was the kids' Happiness. They love them some rice and beans.

--Package of Goodnight pants for Beau who is not night trained who I will not considered night trained until he goes a month straight of waking up dry.
I am only washing sheets once a week and I am sticking to that.
That is my less house work is more happiness Happiness.

---Cheap bottle of pinot grigio.
Okay, so this is where I found my Happiness. Wait, I'm sorry, let's call this one my bliss.

Had a good run today too. Did 10--about 5 minutes faster today --in just under an hour 20.

I hope tomorrow's long run goes as well. I'm sort of dreading it. I am just hating the cold. Mostly, I really am not liking how cold my ass gets. And it make my legs hurt and feel all stiff. I have tried walking the first 1/4 mile but it hasn't made a difference. I have even tried doing some yoga. Nada. Still stiff.

The cold really isn't so much an issue for shorter runs but the longer runs get pretty uncomfortable. I am thinking I might try long johns under my tights tomorrow. Today I ran in my fleece pants and my ass was still cold. Everything else is fine but my butt is an iceberg. Not comfortable, at all. I just can't figure out why I can't keep that area warm--especially since I do get hot everywhere else. I even took off my mittens today but my ass was still chilled.

Sigh. Sorry, about the bitching. I should be happy, grateful that I am at least able to run outside. And I am. Surely someone else has had this problem and has a suggestion. . .


  1. Outside is so much better than inside!

    For the iceberg bottom, I wear tights or longjohns with running shorts (the kind with the crepey liner) on top. It's not the cutest look, but my bottom and legs are warm. If you've already tried that, I'd go with 2 pr of tights or tights + longjohns.

  2. Have on my hot chilis and my Nike tights. It is suppose to windy today so this should be a real test.
    I don't have any shorts like that so hopefully the chilly's and tights will be enough. I also have my fleece vest that paritally covers my rear.
    It is hard for me to want to invest in true cold running gear since I won't get much use out of it.