Sunday, January 21, 2007

Running log: 9 weeks to go

What a frustrating week. I definitely lost my mojo. Uhm, running mojo that is. . .

But today I seem to be over the ailments that humbled me early on in the week. I fell way short of my 63 mpw goal and didn't even remotely follow the Advance Marathoning training schedule.

Really, I think I should give up on that.

I don't think it is right for my body or my lifestyle. I think the mileage is fine but the schedule of how he gets to it doesn't work for me. I need to be more flexible since with 2 small kids who knows what is going to happen. It is stressing me out trying to follow a specific plan.

Apparently, I have issues with setting goals, making plans and then not being able to live up to them. Goals? Plans? I guess they don't jive with my under-over achiever mojo. And although I know most definitely that not following a training schedule religiously for a marathon is not the end of the world; it does mess with my psyche and leads to ridiculous and negative, self-sabotaging thinking.

In other words, I am better off without a plan, without a schedule. I just hate failure too much. Even small, insignificant, meaningless ones.

So here is how my week broke down: --And if you didn't know that I was trying to follow the Advance Marathoning 12/70 plan then it would of come off as a decent week rather than a dismal, complete failure of a week. wah wah wah, I know.
Sunday: rest
Monday: 7 miles general aerobic run on a hilly course. (And I should point out here that all my runs outside are on hilly courses.)Then 5k on the treadmill--speed work. Can't remember the time. Weights.
Tuesday: Nothing
Wednesday: 10k in 50 minutes on treadmill.
Thursday: Nothing--I tried though. I went out but came back after a mile. My Achilles felt like it was going to pop. I am thinking this isn't so much tendinitis as it is just being cold. This was a really rainy and cold day. I need to figure out how to keep it warm or maybe start off slower in the colder weather. The Achilles doesn't seem to be a problem at the gym or on warmer days.
Friday: 10K on the treadmill 46 minutes.
Saturday: 19 miles at a 9:05 pace. A bit off goal but the course was very challenging with lots of hills, then some flat stretches and part on a trail and more hills. Neither my back or my Achilles bothered me. I just felt tired.
Total miles: 41

Looking to get my mojo back on next week.


  1. I find that following a training schedule forces me to run when I don't feel like running...BUT, you really don't need a plan nor schedule to train for a marathon, as long as you hit the important runs like the "long run" and plenty of aerobic runs. What works for me, might not work for you. You have so many other important duties too, I find it fantastic that you can do what you can!!

  2. Bruce, thanks! I hope you know that I wasn't criticizing anyone who has the "mojo" to stick to a training plan. I have complete and utter envy for that. But I agree that the aerobic runs and the long run are the skeleton to any good marathon plan. And I am just grateful I was able to get those in along with some speed work last week. I suppose it doesn't matter how we get to the finish so long as we get there, right?

  3. You are right, your unsatisfying week looks pretty amazing to me. : )

    I think Bruce is right, though, and you've said the same to me - you have the fitness to finish your race, you just have to work whatever you can between now and then to be as fast as you can be. And, if not as fast as you can this time - next time.

    This training business, seems to me to be all about creating the ability to revise your expectations.