Saturday, January 20, 2007

Saturday Morning

Carmella last night wanted to wear dress up clothes for pajamas.
This morning Beau wanted to get dressed immediately and wanted to dress like a pirate today.
So. . .


  1. Very good dressing-up! We (and by we, I mean me) spent the last hour convincing Annika that she needed to wear pants.

  2. Arrrrrrrrg! Where is me treasure?

  3. Steph, I have had many a days like that. Seriously, I must have at least everyday 5 arguments with the kids about their outfits. Beau spent one summer only wearing his bathing suit. And he tries everyday to wear his halloween shirt that no longer fits him. Don't even get me started with Carmella. I had thought with a boy there would be less of the issues with dressing but no. It is all probably my fault.

    Charlie, Beau told me just yesterday that he either wants to be a pirate or a NASCAR driver when he grows up. I am still deciding which will prove the better, more promising profession.