Saturday, January 20, 2007

Singer song writer

As I have mentioned before Beau has some sort of speech problem. At first he was slightly delayed and then they decided he had Apraxia. Then they decided he talked too much and could imitate too well for it to be Apraxia. Now they waffle between an Articulation disorder and a Phonological disorder. We are leaning more towards Phonological because it seems to be more of a motor planning problem since sometimes he gets it right and sometimes not and he can imitate and make all the individual sounds. He just sometimes gets it wrong when using them in words.

Basically what this means is that he not delayed in what he says but rather is just a bit more difficult to understand than other 3 year olds. He leaves the first constant off words or uses the wrong one in substitution--like he might say "boor" for "door". This can it make it confusing sometimes to figure out what he is talking about when he uses words that have the same end sound but start with different constants--like: bad, mad or sad. However, he use to not put any sound in the front of a word so now that he is getting all the syllables and sometimes a the right sounds he is much, much easier to understand. As I said before we call it Beau Latin and you learn it.

The only problem is that sometimes he makes up his own words and I have no idea what he is talking about. He has always done this--even when he was one and just starting to say words. Lots of kids do this. Beau use to do it when he couldn't say a particular word at all. So would make up his own. We generally knew what he was talking about from context or his pointing and showing would explain it. He rarely uses any of those early made up words anymore. That is except for "Hare Na".

Hare Na at first was his word for Batman. This stemmed from him calling Batman "Na na na na na"--as in "Na na na na na . . . Batman!" But now Hare Na, I have figured out, can stand for any superhero. At least I think it can because he now can say Batman, Superman, Spiderman etc rather decently. It just seems that he likes to use Hare Na. He even has a song he made up:

Hare Na
Hare Na
hiya, hiya
(then repeat)

There are dance moves that go with the song too.

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