Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Keen Observationist

Beau is usually so busy being Beau that you just don't think he notices much. But really, little gets by him.

On Friday when he was sick he had to go to the bathroom. Usually when Beau and I go to the restroom together we take separate stalls. But at the Dr's there is only one loo-- so we had to share. He went first and then me. This was when he noticed something that greatly upset and alarmed him.

And in a very loud and very excited voice he asked "Mommy where is your penis?" As if I might have lost it or was the victim of some unfortunate accident.

I quietly told him that girls don't have penises--just boys.

No! Uh-uh Mommy. Everyone has a penis! My sister has a penis.

No she doesn't. Girls don't have penises. I promise.

Uh-huh! My sister told me.

No she didn't.


We exit the bathroom and I am trying to ignore him yet he is persistent to carry on the conversation and to let everyone know that I am the freak of nature that does not have a penis. As we walk down the hall to the waiting room, he lists all the girls he knows with penises while I vainly try to shh him: Dardella has a penis, Livi has a penis, Abbie has a penis, Lala has a penis, Bubbles has a penis, Meme has a penis. . .

Just to recap: Beau thinks I drink beer for breakfast, girls have penises and oh, yeah, Parker eats turkey. Any questions?


  1. OMG...I'm smiling and laughing sooo much, my cheeks hurt! LOL!

    Questions? Yeah...Who is Parker?


  2. Glad to give you a chuckle. Parker is a classmate of Beau's. Beau finds it amazing that Parker eats turkey. Parker also has tatoos and really fast shoes--according to Beau. He also has cheetos and nestle quik chocolate milk boxes for lunch or so Beau tells me.

  3. Parker Eats Turkey has to be Beau's first band's name.