Thursday, February 15, 2007

Wedgie? Who cares?

Well, not Beau.
He likes to wear his underwear backwards.

See, I thought this was an accident. A by product of not having quite mastered dressing himself. Pants? Underwear? They are hard. Those two holes--one for each leg? Front. Back? Pockets everywhere. Who can tell? That shit is confusing. Throw in snaps, buttons and zippers. Well, come on. With all that going on it is easy to see how dressing could be difficult for fumbling 3 year old hands.

Just now he came out of the bathroom struggling with those darn pants and I noted he had put his underwear was backwards, yet again. I offered to help him fix it. To which he began screaming hysterically No! No! No! Waving hands and backing fearfully away from me--as if I held a hot poker and planned on branding his ass. Which, come to think of it, you know that might not be such a bad idea. . .

Okay. Fine. Do it yourself.

He finishes pulling his pants up a safe distance from me and as he does he explains that he likes to see Batman.

I guess it gives him that extra thrill every time he goes potty to see Batman rather than the just the bat symbol. And, you know? At this point? Whatever gets him to the potty is fine by me.

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  1. Apparently, wedgies don't become uncomfortable until sometime after age 4 because we are having the backwards issues over here too.