Wednesday, February 21, 2007

No Excuses!

Look at this:

See Thursday?
How perfect is that?
Nobody better get sick.
Everyone better go to school.
Come on Bubbles. Call me. Pick up Beau from school and give me 4 hours.Please. . .

I am having a better week:
Sunday: 7 easy. Okay, by easy I mean slow. Very slow. I was so miserable. The champagne the night before. Why? Why do I do it? Why must I love the bubbly so? Wine? Beer? I'm totally fine. But champagne? Ugh. . . Champagne = hangover. Headache. Every time. Every single time. But damn it is fun going in.
So I think Johnny Cash sang this song with my Sunday morning runs in mind:

It is my Sunday run theme song.
Sometimes I listen to it 2 or 3 times during the run.
I love me some Mr. Cash.
The darkness makes me happy.
Monday: 10k on the treadmill in just a few seconds under 45 minutes.
Go me.
Tuesday: 7 miles on the treadmill: 52 minutes and 46 seconds.
Wednesday: 6 miles outside. Probably around 48 minutes for the whole run. My legs? Me? Everything felt great. 2 days in a row of speed work and my legs still felt fresh. No tight Achilles. No sore hammie. No numb toes. Nice. Amazing, really.

No excuses.
3 hour run.
20 miles.
Live the day.

PS. I signed up for the Alpharetta Half. Any other INGers want a warm-up, get ready and run race? Two weeks out and then taper. It is the way to go. Did it before OBX and BQ'd. . .


  1. Hey Ms Natalie,

    It's amazing how good weather perks one's spirits up. We've been getting some good weather up here too...high 50s, low's nice to be able to go outside and not have to bundle up.

    Here's wishing you a strong 20 today!


  2. Perfect weather! I'll think long run thoughts for you today as I enjoy the weather inside the office. sigh . . . Doug is playing golf this morning. I'm so jealous.

  3. Hello! Came by because I was searching for fellow Atlantan runners. I'm doing the ING Georgia Half Marathon (my first). I've only got 30-40 minutes of running on tap, but the day is gorgeous. You have a nice run...

  4. Thanks guys! I had a great run today. Of course now I am too spent to enjoy the rest of the day. I feel guilty for the kids but I am just too tired to take them to the park today.

    And welcome Wes. Thanks for stopping by! ING will be my third and I have been struggling with my training this past month. Today was a good boost though.

  5. i'm passing on the alpharetta 1/2. i spend enough time there earning a paycheck and have no desire to head there for fun.

    plus the course looks god-awful boring.

    you have fun tho'


  6. James agreed and I don't blame you. The course is probably going to suck. I ran it in 2005 and it was very boring but they have changed the course so it looks better than it was. Regardless, I like to get in the mindset for a race and the timing is right.