Thursday, February 22, 2007

Okay, I didn't run for 3 hours . . .

but that doesn't matter because . . .

Yes, I know I am a dork who just wasted 15 minutes of precious time that could have been better spent folding something, cleaning something or picking something up instead of trying to figure out how to best photograph my time on Garmin.
And yes, I know I am bragging a little here.
But I feel like I deserve the brag since I really thought I had lost my running mojo. I was beginning to think I didn't have the gojo in me to go long anymore.
I've been worried.
Down even.
I've been having boring dreams--always a sure sign of a depressed psyche. Dreams are supposed to be bizarre and intriguing, not boring. Last night I dreamed I went to the botanical gardens alone and tried on weird hats at midnight. That was the dream. Just me, some flowers and garish hats. How lame is that?
Right, sorry, tangent.
And hey, for shits and giggles here is another shot with the pace and calories (Look how much extra I get to eat today!):

Do you see that?
Average pace: 8 minutes and 29 seconds.
I couldn't believe I did that. That is a faster pace than I ran OBX--my old marathon goal pace. That is why I am bragging.This was a training run. That is the fastest pace I have ever run any training run over 20 miles in.

And I would be lying if I didn't admit that it was really hard. And it hurt pretty bad there in those last 2 miles. But those last 2 miles? I ran them under marathon goal pace--which for ING is hopefully going to be an 8 minute mile pace. But really I have no idea how I am going to do 26.2 miles at an 8 minute pace when 21 miles at an 8:29 pace was that hard. Race day magic? Let's hope so. It has happened before but it ain't going to come easy nor without pain.

So why do it then?

Sigh, I know those of you who don't like to run or have any desire to run a marathon don't, won't, can't --whatever-- understand. And those of you that do run, have a desire to run a marathon or do run marathons do understand without me having to explain it. But basically it just feels pretty cool to be a more efficient fitter runner. I want to be fast. And in certain circles, I know, an 8 minute mile is not fast. I don't run in those circles though, so for me an 8 minute marathon pace is fast.

Oh, and it is 21 miles exactly because once I hit 21 miles I pressed stop and walked the 1/4 mile or so back to my car. I was determined to get to 21 miles and once I got there I would have laid down on the sidewalk but then I know someone would have stopped to ask if I was okay and I would have had to admit that I probably wasn't.

I finished running just after 1 pm and just now at 4 o'clock I finally got around to eating something. I was feeling pretty crappy and tired but now I feel better. Amazing how food can do that. I didn't even feel hungry but just vaguely knew that lunch? Might be a good idea. And it was.

But great run overall. I needed that. And an extra thank you to Bubbles who did pick up Beau for me at school. I definitely wouldn't have made it in time to get him (I was late getting started but that is an even more boring story so I will spare you that one.)


  1. WOW! Great job Ms Natalie!

    You shouldn't have any problems with a PR in the ING!


  2. You kick so much ass, WOW!

    That stuff where you felt blah was just your body saving up for the speed of the good weather.

  3. WOW!! You're going to plan on running your marathon in 3:29:45, which is an 8 minute per mile pace?? GOSH, you're really improving, you've made a believer out of me as I KNOW you can do it!! I'd be happy just doing an 8 minute per mile pace in my upcoming half-marathon in April...can't even imagine doing that kind of speed for a marathon yet, but you never know. YOU ARE MY INSPIRATION!!!!

  4. Thanks guys! I don't know what has been up with the past few weeks but they have just sucked sucked sucked. I guess I really am a fair weathered runner. Good weather makes a world of difference for me.

    And Bruce,

    I am going to try for an 8 minute mile pace but I really have my doubts. It will definitely be out of my comfort zone for that distance and will take some pushing. But according to the marathon predictor charts based on my past 10k and half times I should be capable of 3:30 or faster. Of course that is assuming a prefect day with the stars and planets correctly aligned. So we'll see. It is something to aim for. Really though I will be happy if I just get under 3:40.

    BTW I feel pretty confident that you will have no problem doing an 8 minute pace for your upcoming half. I think you will surprise yourself and do a good bit faster.

  5. Hi Ms Natalie,

    Just curious...After that great long run yesterday...How are your legs and Achilles today?


  6. Pace converters are wild and crazy things...Running Times online calculator predicts for me a 1:43 half marathon (7:54 Pace) based on my last 5k race of 22:32....we shall see. Of course, you would still beat me with your personal best for the half marathon distance!

  7. Charlie-- my legs/achilles/hips everything feels pretty good--considering. Little stiff this am first thing but otherwise not really sore. BUT I have a bruise on the top of my foot and THAT hurts. I wear my running shoes really loose and I think the toungue of the shoe got shoved over or something or it is from another pair of shoes that I wore earlier in the week and it got aggravated yesterday. It is a little weird since it is only on my right foot. Physically I can run but it is painful to do so because my shoe rubs that bone and the sore spot. I went to the gym this morning and did the elliptical for 35 minutes and then planned on doing a 5k on the treadmill. Didn't even make it a mile because of that spot on my foot. Legs though feel fine. Hopefully tomorrow I can get someone to watch the kids and can do 10 miles. I can be distracted from pain more easily running outside than on the treadmill.
    And at this point there is always something that hurts. I've run 8 straight days in a row and I am giving myself permisson to take a day off.

  8. Bruce,
    I agree that the pace calculators are not necessarily the best tool but whatelse can you go by? I've seen based on my various times at various pace predictors come out as anything from 3:28 to 3:33 for a marathon--none of which I think is likely. But I do think based on this past year a sub 3:40 is a definite possiblity. I think had the weather been better at OBX I could have done that there. So really that is what I am shooting for. 3:30 would, you know, be icing.

  9. Eight minute miles is amazingly fast IMHO for a 5K. Doing it for 21 miles approaches goddess status :-) The tri-gurus I follow say eat and drink within 30 minutes, but you probably already knew that. Killer run! How inspiring.

  10. Hey Wes,
    And just to set it straight, I did 8:29 miles for 21 miles not 8--that would have been awesome. But if it counts I can do sub 8 pace for a half-marathon or shorter distances --so I remain hopeful for the 8 min pace for a marathon.

    I do know that you are suppose to eat w/in 30min but I never can. I did though have a 20oz powerade after the run yesterday and that helped--for awhile. I always have a hard time eating after a hard workout. My appetite is suppressed for a few hours but then if I wait too long I end up by passing hunger and go to near fainting. That was the state I was in yesterday.
    Today though? I am making up for it and eating everything in sight.