Friday, February 02, 2007

The Subtle Power of Suggestion

Good God! Is it bedtime yet?

Me--rolling dice-- come on bedtime . . .

What. A. Day.

Nothing too out of the ordinary but please, really, let me be the guinea pig for ya and you just take my words as wisdom and not make the same mistakes that I do.

Specifically, do not. Do. Not. Take a 3 year old, a 5 year old (and her baby doll that is the size of a 5 month old because you will end up carrying it) and a 3 month old Husky to Petsmart.

We are talking serious trials and tribulations-- with consequences and repercussions.

First, there's Beau. Beau, who we all know is just so friendly and so outgoing that really; there are no strangers. And then there all the animals, reptiles, fish, and birds in cages and he just loves them all. Along with all the accessories for the animals, reptiles, fish and birds that he can find human uses for. Good fun, really, it is--for him.

Then there is Carmella who is good and listens but she gets caught up in all of Beau's joy and wonder but then realizes that is not the straight and narrow way. She waffles. The whole time. And Beau? Well, you are either with him or against him. So basically there are lots of little Beau and Carmella wars. You can't blame Beau for being confused because Carmella really should pick a side and stick with it (and for my sake I hope eventually it will be mine.)

And then there is Lovely Lola the Husky. It is like going out with a celebrity. Everyone must adore, fawn over and ask me a gazillion questions about her as if I look like I actually have the time to answer them when what I really need to be doing is finding 3 year old who as yet again gone off to look at the iguana or Mommy! Mommy! Look! They have cats here! CATS!!!!!

Oh yeah, and then there is the ever helpful Petsmart employees who stalk you-- just waiting to upsale you if you even seem the slightest bit naive or perplexed on anything concerning Puppy. (And OHMYGOD! Is that a Husky Puppy or is it a Malamute? Really, is this how it is with dogs? People are crazier about puppies than they are about babies.)

I am getting wise to them though--the Petsmart employees that is. But I swear,Petsmart is just like Target. I can barely make it out of there for less than $100 and all I went in for was dog food! Somehow, now I am the proud owner of sparkly pink 6' leash (she already has 3 leashes--but not a 6 ' leash) and matching collar, a pink harness and an ID tag and some fun new puppy toys (her toys are rivaling the kids collection). If it had been left up to Carmella Lola would also have 8 new sparkly outfits to match her fancy new collar, harness and 6'leash. Big business, this puppy stuff.

So yeah, an hour later we were outta there!

Anyway, what the heck was this post about? Oh yeah, "The Subtle Power of Suggestion!"

As I am writing this the kids just came past me Conga-lining and Can-can-ing and singing "ChachachachaCHA ChachachacCHA!" Seriously,am I being taped for an episode of the Surreal Life? And, really, is it bedtime yet??? Please. . . .

Well, those Petsmart people got nothing on me. Listen to this: You guys know about Beau's speech problem, right? Well his speech therapist last year recommended giving him fish oil. Just trust me that I researched it and it is pretty valid. Regardless of that get this: Three days after I gave it to him he started speaking in sentences and adding at least 5 new words a day--prior to that he was only saying maybe 60 words total and had no sentences--just some phrases-- and his word accumulation was painfully slow. So, magic elixir or just coincidence? I have no idea but he does seem to make improvement when I give it to him whereas he seems to plateau without. At the very least it is not going to hurt him and it has helped his eczema (which Carmella also use to have). I give it to Carmella too.

So what does this have to do with the power of suggestion?

Okay, well, for adults the fish oil comes in caplets but for young children it only comes in liquid. They try to cushion the foulness by mixing the fishy taste with a berry flavor but really I can't imagine anything more disgusting than codfish and strawberries. You read right--"imagine" because I personally have never tasted it--I do have that fin fish allergy, you know. But Ryan has taste tested and verified that the combination is as gross as it smells and sounds.

So here is where the power of suggestion comes in:
My kids LOVE it.


I tell them it is Batman juice. I also tell them it will make them strong and the smartest kids in the whole world. Ever. They actually beg me for it and fight over who gets it first. They even say it is the best tasting thing ever--Carmella said it was better than chocolate. And this is coming from 2 kids who stand at the seafood counter at Publix and loudly proclaim how much they hate "beach food" and how stinky and gross it is.


  1. I think you need to bring this Batman juice to my house.

    Oh, and, the Mellow Mushroom between our houses now has trivia. And, Newcastle on tap. Ladies' night out.

  2. Yes, ladies night out--set the date.