Saturday, February 03, 2007

7 weeks and counting down to ING

You know what I have decided?

I am a fair weather runner.

I realized this because usually around this time of year, at least in the past, I am never running more than 35 miles a week-- probably less, probably most days indoors. I know I don't do any runs longer than 10 miles. In the summer I also never run more than 35 miles--mostly all indoors and I doubt I do any runs outside longer than 7 miles since that is about all I can stand to do on the treadmill. I do also do more cross training and weights to try to compensate and keep up my endurance but nothing works for running as, well, running.

I am telling you this because it has bothered me how much I've been complaining. So, I went and looked at my posts from when I trained for the OBX marathon and I saw that I was complaining about the heat and the humidity then. I noticed that I complain a lot. Sorry.

Apparently, I am a complainer.

Big heavy sigh, yes, I knew this. It is my shtick. I'm one of those people who-- say when you go skiing-- will complain endlessly about how cold they are, how much their feet hurt and how miserable they are and go on and on about how much it sucks all the way up the lift ride. They swear left and right and up and down that after this run they are done and if you want to get any you better be done too. But then they do that run and it so much fun that I, I mean they, can't wait to get back in line to do another run. And then the complaining begins again.

I guess I like the world to know when I am uncomfortable. I am definitely not one to suffer in silence. Ever. Actually, I am not one that does much of anything in silence. If I have an emotion, a thought? Pretty much everyone within earshot knows about it.

My point?

Well, duh, obviously I was very uncomfortable today.

But I am also so very proud of myself. Pats self, yet again, on the back. Good job Nat!

I did my long run today and it was 23 miles. It was very hilly. And worse it was 28 degrees when I started out--even colder if you factor in the windchill, which of course I am. The worst part though? I run alone. What does that have to do with anything? Well, silly, there is no one for me to complain to. Rest assured though that if anyone had asked me I would have unloaded a world of woes onto them.

And I will say that at least it was sunny today so it was not so terrible. I was really cold and miserable for about the first 6 miles but then as the temps climbed I did begin to feel better (my tail though was ice the whole time) and enjoyed myself a good bit. It was also a bit breezy today but not terrible as the wind was only at 10-15mph. Couple of gusts but no biggies that tossed me around like last week.

I finished in around 3 hours and 25 minutes-- around a 9 minute mile pace (it was probably 38 degrees by then). Definitely not as fast I was would have liked, but like I said; it was cold and it was very hilly. Steph can vouch for me about the hills since I ran part of the route through her neighborhood as a cut through before heading into town. Up and down and up and down all over this little suburban town.

So here is my week:
Sunday: rest day
Monday: 10 miles
Tuesday: 7 miles
Wednesday: This was suppose to be a long run (either my 2 hour or my 3 hour) but I couldn't do it. The temps that morning were 18 degrees and while I was dressed warm enough I felt like I couldn't breathe and started to feel a little light-headed. I turned back and ended up only doing 3 miles. Went to the gym in the afternoon and did a 10K in 47 minutes and change. Then I did weights--legs even.
Thursday: Ice and rain. 4 miles in just under 30 minutes. 1/2 mile cool down walk. More weights.
Friday: Went to the gym. 5 miles: 4 miles in just under 30 again and a one mile cool down at an 8:30 pace.
Saturday: 23 miles.
Total Miles: 58


  1. Hey Ms Natalie,

    Complaining??? What complaining??? I don't see any complaining...I just see your challenges. From my perspective, I see you tell us how it really was darn cold out, your bum was freezing off and you still did your runs whether outside, inside or a combination. You still got 58 miles in and did it very well. So I don't see any complaints...I see good results from the situation you are presented with.

    Keep up the good work! You're going to kick some big time tail in the ING!

    You go girl!

  2. Yup, we did the same mileage this week!! Although I would never do a 23 mile long run, my peak for long runs during marathon training is 20 miles...but, you're a much stronger and faster runner than me. PLUS, I can't imagine running in your temperatures, I would probably be on the treadmill until the outside temps reach at least 40 degrees! GOOD JOB NAT!!

  3. You guys are so kind!
    Charlie-- I totally appreciate the support!

    Bruce-- I am surprised--I thought you did 22 milers-- hmm, didn't know you peaked at 20. And, btw, I am not stronger or faster. I think we are about the same.

  4. 23 miles yesterday is so great! It was very very cold and the hills in my neighborhood are ridiculous. You rock.

    And, I'm a complainer too.