Thursday, March 29, 2007

Bad News

During my fall training for OBX I had this problem. And I ended up losing the toenail. It had finally grown back and was long enough that I had to clip it before the marathon on Sunday. I had even given myself a pedicure the day before since I once again had 10 toenails and could sport open-toed sandals. Apparently the clipping was a waste of time because I think (and think because I can't find my polish remover to check for sure but it is bruised around the nail bed just like last time)I have the black toe again --on the very same toe.

This really sucks because on Sunday? I'm going to the beach for 4 days. I apologize in advance about the state of my feet but no way will I be wearing closed toe shoes-- even if it does look like one of my toes is rotting off of my foot. This also means I cannot go get a professional pedicure because no way am I letting those Korean women anywhere near my toe. It hurts! Not to mention I know they will laugh at me.

In other marathon related news--for those interested-- here are my race day photos. I can only do a link since I don't plan on paying money for pictures where I look so hideous. I can get those for free.

I want to point out this one in particular. This is in that final sprint before crossing the finish line. The photo completely belies the early stages of death that I was experiencing. The other photo with my arms thrown up and doing the peace signs--that was on Freedom Parkway right after passing the 19th mile marker. I just wanted to point out that I was feeling really good there. It was a few miles after that point that I entered Dante's rings of hell.


  1. Sorry to hear about your toe :-) I have stinky toe, and I gave up on them a long time ago. If you don't like ugly yellow toenails, then don't look down when I'm around! LOL. My race photos suck. They didn't even get me with my arms in the air crossing the finish line. I am uber disappointed. Have a great time at the beach!!

  2. I like the Nat with daffodils and dark Nat ones the best. : )

  3. Hey Ms Natalie,

    Black toes are badges of honor! I have lost at least seven of mine at least once, and one, least you can paint yours...If I tried to paint mine, I would undoubtedly get strange looks!

    The picture I like is the one with your arms outstretched with the victory signs...You look so relaxed and enjoying it, where as the runners in the background look like they are struggling.

    Great Job!

  4. You look so skinny!!

    Your post somehow reminds me of that scene in "Running on the Sun" where the long distance runner shows off his feet...all his toenails were intentionally surgically removed!!

  5. Wes-- this was the first race that I actually even made an effort to be photogenic. Usually I try to pretend that the cameras are not there and my pictures are always awful--not that I think these are good but in most of them I at least knew I was being photographed. I don't think there is such a thing as a good race picture.

    Steph--you like the one where I have my tongue covering my upper lip?? I totally didn't know the camera was there since that is something I do when I am off in lala land. I think those 2 are early on in Druid Hills--around 7 and then 14 or something like that. Ask James he knows the course inside out.

    Charlie-- these are badges I can live without but I think it is a definite result of the rolling hills. And I think you could paint them and say one of your daughters did it. I had a friend in high school who use to paint her step dad's toes and his stomach was so fat he couldn't get to his feet to remove the polish. He didn't care and it was pretty weird to see this slightly balding middleaged man with a huge beer gut who had bright red toe nails. His feet though, did look nice. IDK, something to think about. . .

    I was feeling good in those picutres and at the time I thought I would continue to do so since that was around mile 20. I wouln't say it was easy at that point but it definitely didn't feel too hard. Yeah, those people don't look too happy around me and they weren't too happy when I cheered last 10k either.

    Bruce--you are just saying that. I don't look skinny at all but for me, and I think most women, that is the best compliment ever. So thanks!!
    And I am really creeped out that someone would intentionally remove their toenails. That is just gross.

  6. One of my absolute favorite things about you is that I see in you a duality of personality that I see in myself. It is not the same duality, but the fact that it is there is interesting to me. On the one hand, you are a total badass who runs until you almost die and your toenail falls off. On the other hand, you are such a girly-girl that you are more upset about losing a toenail than you are about the near-death experience.

    I love ya.

  7. After I ran my marathon last summer, my mother-in-law gave me a gift certificate to a day spa as a congratulatory gift. Part of it was to be used for a massage and the other for a pedicure. I still haven't had the pedicure because I want to wait until the toenails are back to "normal". Sigh... the sacrifices we make.

    Thanks, by the way, for linking my blog! I've been a fan of yours for a long time.