Thursday, March 08, 2007

Counting down 17 days to ING: Mid week Training Update

I am actually feeling pretty good about my training. Not 3:30 marathon great but sub 3:40 good. If nothing else I know for me the biggest factor will be the weather as to how well I do. I don't run well in really cold, really hot, really windy or really wet weather. It pretty much is going to have to be perfect for me to PR this time.

Last week I forgot to do a final weekly update but I did get a run in Friday--it was 7 miles. So MPW were 45. I rested Saturday for the race on Sunday.

And by rested I mean I went to a baby shower attended by-- except for the pregnant mama and recent post-partum women--ridiculously thin women. I say ridiculously thin because they made me feel fat and I wear a size 2. That is why I had to have the wine. It is their fault. And then I ate everything on my plate, even the dessert--decadent strawberry shortcake-- and I never eat dessert. I had to be extra gluttonous in the face of such thinness. I mean, maybe if I don't eat or drink wine or have a chocolate chip cookie as my mid morning snack then I too can be a double zero but then again where will I get the energy to run 26.2 miles? Whatever, I like cookies for breakfast and food in general and wine way too much to give it up just to wear tiny clothes. Bitches.(and I say bitches because I am jealous I can never be so lithe. Too sturdy.)

Anyway, here is my breakdown for the week:
Sunday--half marathon at a 7:46 pace
Monday: rest
Tuesday: 10 miles an 8:24 pace
Wednesday: 6 miles at a 8:30 pace and then a one mile cool down walk. Then in the afternoon I took Lola, Carmella and Beau and wait for it, Parker--that's right, Parker of Parker eats turkey fame, to the park. I include this as workout because when you take a puppy, 2 3 year old boys and a 6 year old girl to the park for 2 hours your heart rate is up, way up.
Thursday: 16 miles at an 8:33 pace

My plan for Friday is rest but Beau might talk me into going to the gym for cross training. In the afternoon we are to meet the Grandmas for a walk. Saturday is the 10K.
So MPW should come in around: 51


  1. Despite the ridiculous cold, your half on Sunday ROCKED. Wow!

    Way to go.

    You totally have the 42 in you - I wasn't disputing that. I'm just worried about you not getting your stuff in on time. However, the race Doug did only had results on the internet so I had to print them out and write a note on them.

  2. Steph, I like how YOU had to print Doug's results and write a note on them.
    I did know where you were coming from. I have heard from many people who have done this race that they do get the results out really fast. I am really doubtful of sub 42--sub 7 minute for 6 miles? I'm gonna try.
    Are you running this race?

  3. wait, what do you mean "walk with the grandmas"? I didn't know this had been decided. Pop and Lala are thinking they should run in order to make it FIVE DAYS IN A ROW! Dad can't get there till 6:00 or 5:45 at the earliest and Lala needs to paint until 5:30 or so. Lala is keeping a VERY REGID STUDIO SCHEDULE these days. Would kids like pizza for supper?

  4. Sorry, It's rigid, not regid, schedule. Maybe it's actually wretched. Anyway stuff seems to be going along nicely for me in the studio-don't want to mess with what's working. Love, Lala

  5. Okay that messes up my schedule but whatever.
    When I said walk I meant Bubbles and I. You and the kids can run. Pizza is not a good idea. Beau is having it for lunch and I think Carmella is too at school. Moe's though would be good. I'll call you later. Just no McDonald's please--or Wendy's or Chicfila etc

    And how nicely can things be going if you are sitting there commenting on my blog? I know you are a talented multitasker but you ain't that good.

  6. No, I'm still limping because of the non-IT knee issues. I got 2 miles in today.

  7. [sigh] Not to make this all about me, but jesus christ, what do you want? You cannot run marathons and be a zero, too, and if you consider yourself sturdy, then i am a lardass, so just shut up. You are in excellent shape, you look amazing in anything I have ever seen you wear, from bathing suit to jeans to skirt to dress, and you get to eat whatever you want.

    Who wants to be a double fucking zero anyway? Stop perpetuating this crap.

    Yes, I'm feeling fat today. :-)

    Also, I didn't weigh in earlier, but i think you should do the race and send your stuff in later, because when they see your time, they are going to want you. I know you. If you put your mind to it, you will get the time you want.
    Other idea? Send in the early one, then get another one later and send it in too. Can you do that? If you can, do that.

    Yes, I am also on my period and feeling bossy/bitchy.

  8. Gosh, you really recovered FAST from your race!!
    I would rather be sturdy than thin (that's my story and I'm sticking to it!)

  9. Seriously? I've been shopping recently - there has been some size deflation because what used to be a 6 is now more like a 2.

    However, to your original point, you look marvelous. Double zeros don't have enough body to get any action much less do anything physical - they are just ornamental.

  10. umm I will stay out of any comments that have weight & women together that only can get us boys in trouble :-(

    sooooo Great workout week and you look ready for ING..way to Go!

  11. Anne
    Thanks that is nice. You are not a "lardass" and I know I am not fat but geezs these girls were wayyyy skinny and it made me feel fat. Yeah, it didn't help that I was pmsing.
    Thanks for the kudos on the race. Hope I can live up to it all.
    PS I like the bitchy and the bossy. Reminds me of myself.;)

  12. Steph
    Well we will see each other at the ING then. You;ll be fine just don't go and do anything crazy between now and then.
    And you are right about the size inflation. Banana Republic is the worst. I use to be a 4 there. I can still wear my size 4 from there. Then I had to start buying 2's and in the past year size 0. I am not a size 0. I'm just not. Really I am a 4 but they've messed with the sizes that I have to buy 2's. But it is frustrating because I just never know and always have to try everything on. It is so stupid because they are trying to trick me into thinking I have lost weight when I know I haven't. I have a closet full of clothes of stuff that goes back to highschool. I'm the same size. Just those damn calfs have gotten bigger.
    PS not that I am still wearing those highschool clothes-- just making a point.

  13. Bruce
    Thanks. I did recover pretty fast. But we will see how I do tomorrow. I am more worried about the 16 mile run than the half affecting my time. That, and starting my period isn't going help-- but I've popped a couple of Motrin today so that should help with any inflamation. I should be good to go tomorrow. Now if the rain that is forecasted will just hold off. . . I am beginning to think I am cursed.

  14. Hi Bob and thanks! It is wise to avoid such issues but we are all pretty secure girls here.
    I am starting to feel ready. I could not have said that a month ago so I guess training has gotten me to where I need to be.

  15. Hey Charlie! You around? Isn't your marathon next weekend? Have you recovered? Did you get your long runs in? What's going on????

  16. Lala I forgot to say congrats to you and Dad for running for 5 days in a row!! That is huge for you guys You gonna let tomorrow's rain break your streak?

  17. Hey Ms Natalie...I am still around! :-)

    Hope you did well on your 10K this morning!

    I haven't got my long run in yet...I'm going to do that tomorrow...try to do at least 20 miles or three hours which ever comes first. Last week I did 10K at 7:00 pace and then a 5K at 6:40 pace (20:36) then the 15.5 miles on last Sunday at 7:30 pace (1:58:12)...felt good after and the next couple of days noticed some tenderness in my left knee and left lateral foot, but most alarming, some tenderness in my right shin...But...all of those have since gone away. Did an easy 4 miles on Tuesday at 7:15 pace and a nice 7 miles yesterday with 10K in 43:10. But tomorrows run will tell me what I can expect on the 18th of March for the Shamrock. The day before on 17 March is the Shamrock 8K...which I am also registered for but I expect to take that one a warmup run for the next day. Back in February when I was taking the time off for my shin splints/stress fx, I had dropped down from the full marathon to the half marathon...thinking I wouldn't have enough time to train for the full. After tomorrow's run...IF all goes well, I will ask to do the full marathon...since there are still slots available for the full. If the run goes bad tomorrow...I will just run the half on Sunday and do the Frederick's Marathon in first week of May. Sooooo....we'll see!