Thursday, March 08, 2007

Help Me Out

I am having a debate with myself.

So yesterday, like the other Atlanta Track Club members, I got my early application for the 2007 Peachtree Road Race. This means I don't have to wait until the AJC March 18th Sunday edition to get mine. This means I can send mine in earlier and have a much better chance of being one of the 55,000 runners for the annual 4th of July race.


The Silver Comet 10K is this weekend. My sources have told me that it is boring but flat and fast with a downhill slope at the end. Great PR potential.

Yeah so? Point?

Well, as I have explained on numerous occasions, if you can run faster than 42 minutes for a 10k and get proof you can get sub seeded for the Peachtree. Anything between 42 minutes and under 55 minutes sticks you in time groups A and B. I have 2 half marathon result cards with a recorded pace of 7:46 and I can print out my results from William's Run 10k that says I have a 7:15 pace. So I can definitely get in Time Groups A and B. But I really want to be sub-seeded. That means I need a 6:45 pace or better. 30 seconds off a mile for 6.2 miles is a lot to shave off so I don't know how likely it is that I could get that on Saturday anyway.

So the debate is do I hold onto my application, race Saturday and then send in my application next week when the race directors promise to have my result card to me? Or do I just go ahead and send in my application now because there is no way in hell I will break 42 minutes and I am just kidding myself? And, to throw a wrench into this quandary, I have another dilemma.


Ryan is working Saturday.


Well, that means I need a babysitter for the kids on Saturday so I can race.

Oh that is a problem. I know, maybe one of the Grandparents-- like Lala and Pop or Bubbles and Poppy-- will want the kids to have a sleepover on Friday? Then you and Ryan could even have an adult evening out on Friday. Wouldn't that be great. And then you could go get the kids Saturday morning after the race. I mean you would be done and home before 10.

Gosh, that is a great idea . . .


  1. Lala and Pop will sleep over the kids-only if they can arrive after our run on the trail, we get done and home around 7:30.

  2. Hey Natalie...Go for broke and get your 10K under 42...I really see it in you...even though it means you need to have at least a 6:45 pace...But...You.Can.Do.It!


  3. I'm a safety girl - I say to turn in your Peachtree application today and worry about sub-seeding for next year. Your fabulous Saturday race will still be good for next year's Peachtree.

  4. I think you can do it- see if you can get a temporary results card (I don't know- is that possible?) if it speeds up the entry process.

    I've read lots of your archives- you have sub-42 and I'd love to see you do it.

    Question- if you are not subseeded, how bad would missing peachtree be?

  5. Sold to Lala!!!
    I signed up so I am doing it. I've decided to hold onto my application. I can mail it in on Saturday after the race with my other result cards if I don't meet my sub 42 goal-- otherwise I will wait til next week. I should get the result card by Wed. I figure so long as I get my application in before the paper comes out on the 18th I am good. Thanks guys for thinking I have it in me even though I don't think I do yet.