Friday, March 23, 2007

Ga ING Marathon Plan

I went to the expo this morning. It opened at a 11 and while I got downtown around 11 it took me a little driving around to find parking. I would have happily parked at the $5 all day parking a half mile away but I had Beau with me. So we parked less than a block away and got there a bit before 11:30.

OhMyGod! The line was sooooo freaking long just to get in. It just kept going and going and going and finally towards the end I saw my friend Danielle who is doing the half (like everyone else I know is) and hopped in line with her. She was freaking out a little since she had to be back in the burbs before 12:30 to get her little girl from MMO. I offered to take her ID and get her number for her. She pretty much lives around the corner but she got on her cell and 911'd her mother-in-law to pick up Jackie. Then she ranted, as only an expert who does trade shows for a living can, that she could give the Ga ING some tips on how to better run things.

After her rant we chatted while we waited and waited and inched along and finally got in. Here is a tip--go to the expo knowing your number. It will save you some time. You can look it up here. If it wasn't for Wes I might not have happened to know mine.

Once we got in Danielle and I went our separate ways to get our numbers. She was still waiting to get hers when I went by to get my shirt and other swag. I wished her luck in the race.

Then I set out to find the sign-up for pace groups. This by far is the biggest race expo I have ever attended. The one at OBX and for the Atlanta Marathon are teeny tiny and I have never been the Peachtree Expo (but you can betcha I will be going this year to make sure my chip is mine).

After wandering around I found the pace group sign-up directly across from the Big Peach check out. Of course, this was after I asked the boys at Big Peach where it was. In my defense I had asked 5 other people prior to them who didn't know. I think it made Steve feel good to have a chuckle at my expense.

I optimistically signed up to go out with the 3:30 pace group.
I probably won't make the whole race with them but my other option was the 3:40 and I feel fairly confident I can get under that. We will see how much those hills undo me. I am predicting a 8:15 pace overall.
Oh yeah my 3 goals:
The eh, okay: To finish and have fun
The Realistic: To PR or do the same (under 3:43)
The having my cake and eating it: 3:30 or less (yeah, right).

Beau didn't want to leave and since we had time we wandered around a bit. I bought a new pink visor-- which Beau tried to dissuade me from doing as he doesn't like pink. Look Mommy, purple. I like Blue, Mommy. Blue is awesome. Then Beau had a great time collecting all the freebies he could find: orange sunglasses, Saturn bag, ING bag, cowbells--which he rang all the way home, water bottle, I heart Waffle House pin and coupon for free waffle--this is his most prized possession, blow up ING shakers that he uses has a weapon and to torment Lola with, and every bit of free food and drink that was offered to him. I should say that he wore most of his swag as we walked around. He really thought the expo was awesome. And yeah, that is his word du jour--along with "Moose!" which is some sort of insult. I haven't figured that one out.

Okay, so, I've got my number, my pace group, my outfit and new visor and shoes with 100 miles on them. And here is my play list for that last 10K--no I will not be unplugging:
Til Kingdom Come--Coldplay
Unguarded Moment--Her Majesty's Finest (on i-tunes--couldn't find a link. It is a cover of the Church's)
Upon This Tidal Wave of Young Blood--Clap Your Hands and Say Yeah!
Lose Yourself--Eminem
If I Should Fall From the Grace of God--The Pogues
O'Valencia--The Decemberists
Under Pressure--Queen
A Good Idea--Sugar
Closer to Fine--Indigo Girls
Jesus Walks--Kanye West The only thing that I pray is that my feet don't fail me now . . .
The Devil Went Down to Georgia--Charlie Daniels
The Sikbed of Cuchulainn--The Pogues

And did you see this?
I hope to finish before the temperatures get too far into the 70's but otherwise it looks pretty damn near perfect.Gosh and what an amazing day for friends and family to come cheer on their marathoner or half marathoner. Wow.

And Lala, here is the link to track your marathoner and your half-marathoner. Plug in the appropriate information. Get Pop to help you. Same for you Bubbles, but get Poppy to help you.

Good luck, best wishes and I hope everyone running with me on Sunday has an amazing race but most of all has a great time.


  1. Best of luck Natalie! I look forward to reading your race report. I love that Beau uses "moose" as an insult. Sophie's worst insult is "sushi petunia" can't make this stuff up.

  2. Dorothy
    Thanks! I love the sandbox set insults too. We still use Carmella's "Breakfast Clown" and "Rope Meat."
    Sushi petunia--she is calling you a stinky flower.
    The limited vocabulary gives rise to the most creative of insults-- all the while circumventing the naughty words. Good stuff.

  3. You're going to do AWESOME!! You can't beat that weather either, wish I was racing there too. Looking forward to reading your success!!

  4. it took me less thatn 5 minutes to pick up my full number and a friend's 1/2 number at 5:00. then again, we went at 5:00.

    i'm excited :-)

    have a great race. we'll be way far behind you.

    oh and great taste in music (minus that charlie daniels thing, ugh)

  5. Have a wonderful race Ms Natalie! You will do great!


  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. Bruce and Charlie-- Thanks! You guys are the best cheerleaders.

    James--Good luck to you too. I hope you surprise yourself and surpass all your goals.

    And, for the record, I can't say I am a Charlie Daniel fan but whenever I hear that song I am reminded of Dominique Moceanu at the 96 Olympics in Atlanta and how she kicked ass on her floor routine to that song and looked like she was having the time of her life. Just seems appropriate to stick it in as inspiration in that last mile to help me kick it in.

  8. Plus, the Charlie Daniels is peppy and has bad words. Bad words make me run faster too.

    Good luck NAT!

  9. I was down there too! Sorry I missed you :-) I don't know about you, but they were waving all the marathoners down the vacant left side of the line. Little to no waiting!! I had a great time. Spent way to much money, and left most of the stuff I wanted to buy behind me when I left. Nat, you have a great race. You will R-O-C-K.

    P.S. I didn't see anything in your goals about brining sexy back ;-)

  10. Hey! I've been reading for awhile so I thought I'd pipe up and say good luck! It sounds like you'll do great! Have fun,

  11. Great job Ms Natalie!

    Since I had nothing else to do this morning, I just Had to watch your race progress on the ING runner's tracker...actually I started watching after your 20 mile split.

    You did an Awesome job Natalie...with the high temps and hills to boot!


  12. Congrats on your awesome race! You ROCK!!!

  13. Thanks Christy and Hi!

    Hi Tiger and thanks!

    Charlie-- it was sooo rough! I was feeling pretty good til right after 21 miles. I started to have signs of heat stroke/dehydration and totally fell apart those last 4 miles and hills really didn't help. Right before the 19th mile I passed a runner who had just collasped and was unconcious--several runners were trying to bring him around. I passed the medic going to get him in the 20th mile so he was down and out awhile before help got to him. I really hope he is okay. He looked younger and fitter than me. Then in the 21st mile a man right in front of me collasped and was pulled from the course. So when I started to feel bad I took it way down after seeing those guys go down.

    I'm okay now but it was brutal out there today. I am disappointed but there will other mararthons on cooler days. Thank you for your support! I'll post a full report tomorrow.

  14. Hi Natalie! Just found your site leading up to the race. Great run out there today! And great blogging leading up to it! What's the next adventure?

  15. Hi Joe! Thank you and the next adventure is a lot of 10k's til marathon training next Sept for probably Rocket City (I need a flat marathon damn it!) and then Boston and a bunch of local half's in between.
    Off to read your bloggy. . .

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