Sunday, March 25, 2007

The Marrying Type

See that guy there?

That is Wes.

And guess what.

He is going to be my brother in law.

Yeah! He FINALLY asked Pookie (my sister) to marry him.

Look, here I am with the happy couple. Psst I'm the blond. Pookie is the brunette though lately I think she is red. She switches her color a lot. And her hair cuts. She is a hairdresser. It is what they do. Me, who had to pretend all day that I didn't know this proposal was going down--pretend to Wes and Sarah. Wes who drove us to the race and Sarah who spent prerace with me. Wes who found me in the medical tent after the race. Wes who drove my car and who I always ask shamelessly when is he going to pop the question. I am good though and didn't say anything all day even though there were a lot of times I could have. But see, that is because I am so self involved--especially today-- that it really isn't hard for me to keep a secret since often I am too busy thinking about myself to stop and spill the beans.

Lala though? Yeah, don't tell her anything. She tells everyone. It is funny to me that she makes these sculptures. They are called Secret Keepers. Only thing she knows about a secret is how not to keep it. That, and make funny little stone heads that apparently keep secrets.

Anyway, here is the happy couple:
Congratulations. I am so happy for you guys and please don't make me wear an ugly bride's maid dress.

Race post tomorrow. I am going to bed. I just had to share the exciting news.

PS. Here is the rock and the date!:


  1. Congrats Mrs Pookie Wes! Woohoo! I want details on how it went down. Love, T

  2. YEAHHHHH!!! What awesome news!
    I was feeling guilty that I hadn't called to hear about the race so I thought I would skim your blog for the cliff notes version. Now I am totally bummed bc I am late getting the scoop on Pookie
    I am sure everyone's so excited.
    I want DETAILS!!!

  3. LaLa wants you to know she tries really hard to keep secrets but sometimes she is SO happy about the secret it just won't stay kept. (She did not tell Pookie, you notice-or anyone likely to ruin the surprise for Wes.)And it sounds like Pookie WAS SURPRISED! Now to see that ring on the Pookie Finger. Wes is so the right man for Pookie. And I'm not looking forward to doing the BIG DRESS HUNT.

  4. I hear people named Wes make excellent husbands. Just a rumor mind you. They are good at all kinds of other things too ;-) Congrats!!! Exciting times ahead...

  5. YEAHHHHHHH Pookie and Wes!!! I am so excited for you and I expect to be filled in on all of the details.

    Fish Stick

  6. Congrats to Pookie and Wes! And we wants pics of the ring, and details on the popping of the question. We Internet are nosy.

  7. Wes--I think Wes's must make good husbands because I think our Wes is going to do a fastastic job. He is a great catch and we are all so happy for Pookie.

    Anne--I posted a picture of the rock and the pop the question is too long. Tell you about another time.

    Steph--Was I just not saying the other day that I wish she would hurry up and get married so I wouldn't have to be an old bridesmaid?

    All you other anonymous's-- I've already talked to you and I'll see you at the wedding. . . Yeah! Champagne! And, er, "Swinging Richard's" anyone????