Sunday, April 15, 2007

Easter Pictures

A week late . . .

Beau and Carmella on the steps after church. Very cold and very bright outside.
All of us who did the Easter shuffle except Poppy who took the picture.

Taco Mac after church for another type of praying. I insisted the kids wear their art aprons over their church clothes so they wouldn't get them dirty. Beau, who unfortunately I do not have a photo of, had also changed from his bucks to his cowboy boots so he was quite a sight in his pink dress shirt and orange HomeDepot apron and boots. As always he garnered more than his share of attention. The other 2, Carmella and Pat sat still long enough I could get their picture.

Silliness at Bubbles house.

The hunt is ON!

Checking the loot

Max and Carly--BFF

The boys check out Lois's new Benz--as if any of them have a clue what they are looking at.

Kid's table:

Livi's argument as to why she gets to sit next to Carmella.
Beau's counter argument:
And who won:
Big kid's table:

And finally, the ongoing quest to get a picture of all 5 kids looking the same way . ..

Well maybe next time. Happy Easter!


  1. Such little angels (the kids, I mean :-)

  2. Nice pictures Ms Natalie!

    Looks like a fun time for all!