Friday, April 13, 2007

Penis envy

Friday night dinner conversation:

Beau: I want my penis to be taller than Daddy's.

Me: Eat your vegetables.


  1. ha- my "word" was rhxfzsex! Something about posting that conversation seems kind of wrong. Does Ryan know you tell the world all this stuff?

  2. AND vegetables grow hair on your chest!

  3. Lala--Ryan knows and he wasn't to thrilled because of Beau choice adjective and its implications. But to clarify, Beau uses tall to mean bigger and in Beau's 3 year old mind bigger/taller etc equals best. Which really, isn't so different than the mind of any man at any age. So I don't know what exactly I am trying to clarify. Nevermind.
    Bruce--oh God don't tell Carmella that. Her favorite food is broccoli and I know she doesn't want hair on her chest.

  4. My grand-daughter (7 years old) LOVES broccoli, but calls that vegetable, "little trees!"