Thursday, April 12, 2007

Returning to the hills

Since ING I've been hitting the treadmill a lot and then last week-- since I was in Sea Pines-- my runs were also flat. Pretty much I have been avoiding hills and long runs.

I have been doing lots of 5k, 10k and 7 mile runs. And lots of speed work. I have run twice my regular 6 miles course from my house. At first I couldn't figure out why it felt so hard and then I remembered, oh yeah, the hills.

So this week:
Monday: 6 miles outside in the morning and then did a 5k in 21:40 on the treadmill in the evening. Weights--legs and arms.
Tuesday: 6 on the treadmill in 42 minutes flat and then walked out the the last .2 to finish in 45 minutes.
Wednesday: Treadmill again. This time 4 miles in 28:30. Weights--just upper body.

So this morning my legs were all kinds of sore from 3 straight days of "speed work" but the day was perfect-- although a bit windy. So I decided to try to do 15 miles. It ended up being 16 and it was hard but I still finished in 2 hours and 19 minutes for an 8:43 pace. Not great but I am still happy with it.

So I feel like I am all recovered. Anyone else already dive back into the long runs?

And PS. I am sooooo glad to not being doing Boston this year. The weather sounds horrible--70% chance of rain, windy and a high of 44 degrees? No thank you--been there done that.


  1. I'm hoping to get my first long run back in this weekend, but I signed up to ref 2 soccer games, so I may cut it a little short. I KNOW it wouldn't be 16 though! Wow!!

  2. I was hoping to do the same this weekend, but like Wes my long run is not 16 - my only longish run to date since ING has been 6.

    Doug has found the key to keeping the speed down on the long runs - listen to your books on tape. No tempo, therefore slow and easy.

  3. 16 tomorrow morning. YAY!htt

  4. I'm also very happy to be running the 2008 Boston Marathon instead of this year, as the Nor'easter is going to hit Boston hard on Monday...should be interesting to watch the marathon on t.v.'ll be like watching a train wreck.

  5. Hey Ms Natalie,

    Looks like you have recovered!

    I did 16 last Sunday after a 15.5 the Sunday before. I've been doing most of my runs on the treadmill ever since my shin problems. Other than having to deal with the monotony, I think it's helping me with pace and speed. When I run outside, I tend to get lazy, but the treadmill keeps me honest.

    Just ran the Inaugural Dismal Swamp Stomp Half this morning and had a great run. I had hoped to do it under 1:30 but came in at 1:32:25...unofficially...still a 13 minute PR.

    Next is Fredericks Marathon 06 May...


  6. Charlie! Great time! I'm jealous!

  7. I did it...I started my running blog! Now I won't hijack your blogs! ;-) I posted my race report for the Dismal Swamp Stomp Half. The blog needs help...but it's a start. Now to figure out how to post pictures!


  8. Sorry...I thought it was in my profile but it's a different google gmail account. Here it is: