Thursday, April 19, 2007

Quick! Hurry and look

Before I come to my senses and take these pictures down.

I was at Lala's yesterday looking for different pictures when I came across this one:

I am about 7 months pregnant with Beau and I am running on my Dad's treadmill in my parent's creepy basement. I remember when my sister took this picture.It was a hot day and I was resigned to the dungeon. Normally I ran outside with Carmella in the jogger. Oh the double takes and looks I got. Anyway, it is a hideous picture--as are all pictures of me preggers but it is still funny. Here is one of the belly and not running or sweaty. Also around 7 months.
From da side:
I know, I am shameless. And God. I am so glad not to be pregnant. But congratulations to my good friend Stacie who is! Best wishes and I hope #3 is an easy one for you!


  1. I see not photos of Stacie, but you win for best looking pregnant woman.

    And, those dirty lookers when you were running preggo were just jealous. I got a lot of those when carrying Dagny.

  2. Thanks for the giggles. Does this mean I have to post my pregnant ironing photos?

  3. Steph--That is Stacie in the last one. I don't have a pregger picture of her. She would kill me if I did and posted it.
    And I do not win the award for best looking preggers that'd be you or Leigh orTara or anyone but me. And wisely I did not post a picture of me preggers with Carmella since I was so swollen and fat with her that I made the Michellon man look dehydrated and waifish.

    Tara-- Yes! I think the world definitely needs to see that one. Aren't you wearing your maternity panties in it?

  4. Ms Natalie....No wonder you took up running...look at the beer belly! :0


  5. Nat, you are just trying to titillate the internet with that last picture.

  6. Charlie
    The sad part is that beer gut (aka Beau) is what drives me to drink.

    Anne I had to do something after the first 3 pictures. Don't want to totally scare people away.