Thursday, April 19, 2007

The Untraining Log

I feel so wayward without a marathon to train for. It is the only race I have ever really trained for. Running 35 miles a week has always kept me in shape for half marathons and any shorter distances. Sigh, I guess I am a little sad. The only races I have slated is a 5K and the Peachtree in July. I am planning on trying to get in a few other 10ks but no long races until October.

I guess though that I am pretending to be training because those long runs? They are sneaking their way back into my week. Here is my untraining efforts this week:

Sunday: Nothing. I was so sick on Saturday--fever, aches, chills etc and so I thought I should take another day off. I did finish last week out at 39 mpw, 30 minutes cross training and 3 days of weights. So not bad.

Monday: 10 easy. Didn't pay attention to pace.

Tuesday: 10 easy again and no attention to pace. Both days felt great. Love the 10 mile run.

Wednesday: 6 easy in the morning--no attention to pace. 30 minutes cross train and 15 minutes weights in the evening.

Thursday: 17 miles (really it was longer but I turned off Garmin and slowed the pace once it hit 17) at an 8:32 pace. It was hot today but the run felt pretty good.

I plan to do a speed work out on the treadmill on Saturday for 7 miles. Not sure about tomorrow: either an easy 5K or 4 mile run or maybe I'll go crazy and get in the pool and see what I can do. . .

Good luck Bruce and Angie in your half marathon.


  1. Thanks, Natalie! I came to your blog today for inspiration. :-)

  2. You'll do awesome Angie. And I hope you guys have good weather. Good weather is key.