Tuesday, May 15, 2007

In the pool again

Still no bike workout. Maybe tomorrow. This was my last opportunity for a long run for awhile. So this morning I ran 14 miles. Not spectacular and came in pretty slow--2 hours. Shrug, it was hot. I was tired. But it was fine. Nothing to complain about--just a slow run. It happens. I mean, not that any of mine are super fast but I usually manage 15 miles in 2 hours.

Then the kids had play dates. Well, technically Beau did: Parker, Chase, and Sophie. Sophie and Chase's mommies were here; so was Chase's baby sister Ellie. Having extra adults around makes afternoons with young children much easier. Especially when I don't have to be the only peace maker. Even still, a few hours with 4 3 year olds and a six year old and I was left feeling a little tense; my brain a little fried.

So I went to the gym to swim again. I timed my 400 today. I did 3. The first was more of a warm up and came it at 7:34. Eh, okay. The second 400 I pushed harder and that came in at 6:43. I am a little suspicious about that one. Even though I definitely swam harder it seems too fast-- like maybe I was off by a 50??? I mean I thought I counted right but like I said, my brain was fried. The third I counted more carefully. It came in at 7:09. That seems about right and maybe the second 400 was too. I suppose it doesn't matter. I think I will improve.

I shared the lane with a guy who just finished the gulf coast half ironman. He came in right around 5 hours. I was worried I was to slow for him but he was encouraging about my swim saying it was "spot on" or something to that effect and even told me not to let him get in my way as he was just working out the kinks. I picked his ear a bit about swim workouts. All very helpful. It is weird but the pool is a completely different scene than the rest of the gym. Maybe it is the closed setting, maybe because everyone is half naked but people are a bit chattier than they are when you are on the treadmill or lifting weights.

Thank you everyone for your tips. I didn't practice 'sighting' but will next time I do a mile swim. Which will probably be next week. I don't know if I can stand to be in the pool more than twice a week. All I can smell is chlorine. Not to mention, I'm beat.

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  1. Swimming is a great workout, and twice a week is plenty :-) Nice job Natfish :-)