Wednesday, May 16, 2007

On riding Lance and eating humble pie. . .

So I rode Lance today. And I know that just sounds all sorts of inappropriate. I brought Lala with me too. And yes it was because I was scared to go by myself.
She ran and I rode. So technically I was alone but it helped knowing that there was someone else out there with me. See, I'll go on 20+ mile runs all by my lonesome but I am chicken shit about a little old bike ride on the Greenway Trail.

For those not from this area the Greenway is a relatively flat concrete trail in Alpharetta. It is 6 miles long probably 12 feet wide. Most importantly there are no cars but I did have to tango with the stroller brigades that for some reason must walk 3-4 a breast and take up the whole trail. And even though I called out loudly and gave plenty of warning that I was "on the left" one mommy was a little slow on getting out of the way and I had to off-road it and barely caught myself before I face planted into the trail. I heard them snickering as I got back on the bike and rode away but I was all kinds of pissed off and hoped that they were not laughing at me because of their complete lack of understanding of trail etiquette. Bitches. In the not too distance past I too have been part of the stroller brigade and ran with both Carmella and Beau in the jogger yet never once have I had an incident with a cyclist. But that is because I understand the etiquette and know how to share the trail and can read the posted signs clearly stating the specifics. Bitches.

Okay, so I am still little mad. But moving on. I think I am going to stick to the Silver Comet Trail and the Greenway until I get more confident on the bike. I am definitely not road ready as I did not once change gears today. I was just too nervous. But it was pretty flat and the resistance was fine where it was. I did 12 miles in 45 minutes. Not sure how that averages out but Garmin reported for the most part a 15-16mph pace (the posted speed limit is 10mph so I was going too fast, not paying attention to the signs but in my defense there were others that were going much faster than me out there today). I guess this means that I will have lots to make up for on the run.

Speaking of runs I wanted to see how it felt after the bike so I logged a 5k immediately after the bike.


My legs.

They were broken.

I mean I knew that this happened-- as I have heard others mention it but I guess I didn't believe it or didn't think it would happen to me after only a 12 mile bike ride that I really didn't push that hard on. I wasn't even the slightest bit tired after the bike but when I started running I wasn't even sure my legs were moving. I felt like I was going soooooo slow. Not to mention that about a quarter mile into the run my calves started cramping. That has never happened before. The first mile came in just over 9 minutes and I was pushing hard but just could not make my legs go. After the first mile I could feel them coming back to me and I kept pushing the pace. I finished the 5k just shy of 24 minutes. I was not happy with that. I had expected to be faster. It was very humbling.

I have lots to work on. I guess it is good that the tri I am looking at is in August or I'd be asking for extra helpings of humble pie for certain.

In other news Pop bought Lala a new bike. After he found out she gave me hers on Monday he stopped by the bike shop that night and they decided on this bike. They didn't have her size so they got one in and I went with her after our bike/run so she could test drive it. She bought it and is picking it up tonight. So I guess Pop will sleep better tonight knowing his bike fleet is no longer diminished, its number restored.


  1. Oh I'm just laughing my ass off at the stroller brigade incident!! Nice one! Same thing on the Comet. Running off the bike is definitely eye-opening but you can improve a lot by doing bricks. And by not expecting much for the first mile. It takes everybody a little while to get their stride going. Happy training!

  2. Hahah What an Eventful first ride!! Hope it's not a trend, eh?
    I can't imagine running after riding a bike. or riding a bike after running for that matter...

    What is the triathalon distance??

  3. Thanks Joe! Glad I gave you a laugh. It could have been worse as the brigades come out in full force after lunch and later in the afternoon. And then they have the calvary with them--tykes on bikes.

    Hi Tiger! You know I've run before getting on the bike and I don't remember having a problem with it but it doesn't matter because it goes swim bike run in the tri. The distances are 400yd swim, 13 mile bike and 5k. I know I could do it all tomorrow if I had to but it wouldn't come so easy and I wouldn't do well.

  4. Your first brick! That's cool. It usually takes me 1/2 to 3/4 of a mile before my legs adjust from cycling to running, but I'm old!! I luv the way you pull no punches with the stroller brigade. My first time on the Silver Comet, I just about ran over a little girl who was riding with 12 members of her family in the far left lane. When I say on your left, that means MOVE, and fast :-)

    Dee Dee has decided to do Callaway with me, and she's seriously looking at Acworth too. Sounds like a PARTEH!!!

  5. I am so glad I am not the only one who gets bent out of shape about people not following the rules on trails and roads. Drives me crazy.

    So, if I let Pop keep it with his fleet, will he buy me a bike? That is SO not at all like my Dad. My Dad would say, "we have a perfectly good 1940s' model out in the shed. Let's go take a look at it."

  6. Doug was just complaining about the stroller brigade yesterday too!! Apparently afternoons are the worst.

    As I recall, the few times we went strollering together, we stopped in single file to let everyone pass and then regrouped to chat. Not so these days. Those stroller ladies were just jealous of your speed or your cute outfit.

    Doug or I will join you for the workshop on Mon. He doesn't think we should both go, but I do. I ordered both of the books Wes recommended from Amazon yesterday. Will share when they show up.

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  8. Wes I pull no punches because I am very strict with my own kids about staying to the right and being respectful of other people out there. It isn't easy at all and results in a a lot of yelling on my part but I figure that is better than someone getting hurt. If we see the cyclist or hear a warning both Carmella and Beau stop and get off the trail. Beau salutes them as they go by.

    It was a good workout yesterday.

    Wish I could join you guys in Callaway but it is too soon for me.

    Oh and Big Peach (East Cobb) location is having a tri seminar next Monday--the 21st at 7 pm. If you are interested go to their site and register to attend. It is free.

  9. Anne
    I wish you had been there because you are more apt to speak up and would have put those women in their place. I don't know why I get all timid. I totally could have taken all three down--you know if it had come to fist a cuffs.

    Bikes are pricey no doubt.
    But I can't say Pop would be willing to let anything go since you are not in the family. It is all about the family, you know. If you can do a genealogy search and somehow prove you are related I might be better able to help you.

    And see Pop is totally like your dad on stuff like clothes but when it comes to atheletics, sporting goods, electronics, tools and what not he jumps at the chance to shop.

  10. Steph, So the new adage is why buy what you can borrow from Steph and Doug! Yippy!

    Serisouly, I am glad you guys will be there. Now I just need to remember to tell Ryan about it so I can go.

    Afternoons are the worst and we, my friend, were always pardigms of perfect trail etiquette.

  11. Be careful out there on your bike Ms Natalie...and make sure you wear protection.


  12. Hey Charlie! I've wondered where you were. Glad to see you are still around.

    By protection do you mean helmet or sunscreen? At any rate I try to remember the suncreen and always wear my helmet.Believe me if there was a seat belt I'd wear that too.

  13. and yet another fascinating tip...
    when riding the bike, try to push your knees into the top tube (the long straight one at the top), and ride a little bit pigeon toed.
    Runners and others usually try to power through with the big quads, but that will waste you for the run. By changing your leg position slightly, you'll use different muscles and your legs'll be a little (a little) less fatigued for the run. And think about making circles with your feet, don't mash the pedals!

  14. Jason
    Yesterday I did exactly what runners do: I completely used my quads and I didn't just mash the pedals I stomped on them.

    There is just so much to think about on the bike.

  15. Yeah, I meant want to protect that part...the rest will heal pretty good!

    I've been on travel, but I'm back...I think?