Monday, May 28, 2007

Some Lessons on Vacationing

We are so uncool. We are not "in."
I think we are being hazed and going through some sort of initiation process. It is like I am finally rushing that sority and if in, I'll get to go to all the best parties. At least that is what I am hoping because that is what happens when you are in a sorority, right?And it is pretty annoying since we are only here for a few days. We were not briefed about the "rules" of the island and despite Meme's and I exhaustive googling we missed some very key points about vacaying on Fripp Island. So just in case you'd like to come here let me be the one to help you out.

The first is that you have to have a golf cart. We don't have one and we are very jealous (we tested one in the parking lot out last night at the restaurant, you know, just to see what it would be like if we did have a golf cart). These people are crazy in their little carts. I feel a little like I am in a cartoon and that there is some theme song that goes with the carts but I can't think to what it would be. They drive all over this island completely wasted. You think that paparazzi shot with Brittany Spears driving around with a baby on her lap was crazy? Well, yesterday I saw a man driving around in his golf cart not only with his baby in his lap but was holding the baby just outside of the cart while he drove.

Second, woe onto you if you go anywhere without your amenities cards. Amenities smenities. Go somewhere without that card and not only can you not get into the pool or the potties but you also cannot eat at restaurants. This is very perplexing since you had to go through security gates with armed guards to even get onto the island. So unfortunately for us we saw these amenities cards as superfluous and did not take them seriously. After about 600 embarrassing incidents where we were caught without the amenities card we've since been schooled. Thankfully, last night, we met a long lost "relative"--Keven Lewis--who graciously put us all on his card and gave us the 411 on rules of Fripp.

Oh yeah, one last thing. South Carolina has some confusing ass laws--like you can buy beer on Sunday but not liquor and you can never buy liquor after sundown--well except in restaurant or a bar. But the one that I am most baffled by is that you cannot buy shrimp or really any fresh seafood on Sunday. Well, this probably isn't actually a law and I am guessing you can get seafood from Publix but all those local seafood stands are closed on Sunday. Why? Why? Why? Hopefully they will be open today and we can have our Frogmore Stew tonight.

Despite all these hardships we are carrying on and managing to have an absolutely lovely time.
We are, if nothing else, a family that is known to rise above such adversities.


  1. Looks like you guys are having a gret time! Golf carts seem to be the rage all over these days!

  2. Now That's what I call a great Memorial Day Vacation!!! ...beach...sand...water...sun...and lots of Corona!


  3. Wow photos of babies are so cute. I hope your days are so excited on that time. Thanks for sharing this.