Sunday, May 27, 2007

My View This Morning


We are at Fripp Island, South Carolina for the Memorial Day Weekend. There is lots of deer. Awesome weather.

And my other view this morning--Go fish anyone?
Yesterday afternoon:
Do not! Underestimate a girl with a bubble gun.
Kids having a pic-a-nic dinner on the porch last night.

The bunk room or wait, is it the butt plug room?
More later. Off for a run and a spin on Lance to explore the Island before I get properly sloshed on Corona light the rest of the afternoon.


  1. My view is not so wonderful this morning. So far it's been your dog chasing your ex cat, a wall being torn down and my house which the painters painted the wrong color yesterday. oh yes, and lots of smoke in the air.

  2. Jealous of your view! My view this morning... a dozen roses (Happy 7 years!) and Ellie happily waking up in her (drum roll please) CRIB!
    Have fun at the beach! Love, T

  3. Our view is similar this morning - it sounds like you are having a lovely trip. : )

    Good luck with the run, the Lance and the Coronas. We are having bellinis here - yum!

  4. That's not getting "sloshed". That's officially "carbo loading". Get with the program! Have a great trip!!!