Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Tri log- Mid week update

Since I've added the swim and bike I've been having some new soreness but I've decreased my running a bit so I am having more energy. Running everyday is very hard on me--unless I am doing low mileage and then I can usually go about 10 days before I have to take a rest day.

So here is what is sore--ankles, mostly on the right side on the outer part. Really this is more tightness. I also have a knot in my right calf but that I think is probably from running. I am also having some calf cramping at the beginning of my runs--in both legs, and maybe not true cramps but they are really tight. I don't know, it seems to resolve itself after a few miles so I am choosing to ignore it. Also, right below my butt towards my outer thigh is achy. Doesn't seem like it is really the hamstring. I've had hamstring soreness from running but that is usually more towards the inner thigh and lower down the leg. This is higher. I am assuming it must be from the bike and also assume it will not be a problem once the muscles there get developed. I've seen those bike girls' hips and outer thighs and they don't look like mine. They seem to have a curve there that I don't have. I also have some tenderness from the bike saddle in the groin area and I just hope this gets better. Surprisingly I have no soreness in my arms, back or shoulders. Little in the wrist and forearm-- probably from both bike and swim. It is all mild, just new stuff that I am noticing.

So my workouts this week thus far:
Sunday: I was pretty sore so I only ran 3 miles-- let's call it a recovery run from Sat's race--ended up at about 26 minutes. Then I swam laps at the pool during adult swim a few times (we spent the day at the pool hanging out). Probably only totaled about 800m in all.

Monday: 1 mile swim (30 minutes), 20 miles (56 minutes)hill work out on the bike at the gym, 3 mile run (23 minutes).

Tuesday: rest. I was just worn out. I can't remember the last time I took a day off but it has been close to 2 weeks I think so I needed it.

Wednesday: 9 mile run in under an hour 20. It was rough the first 3 miles and I really struggled with calf cramps but by the last few miles I was completely pain free and felt great. If I had had time I would have gone on longer. Then Beau and I headed to the gym. Got on the bike for 35 minutes (13 miles, hill workout) and realized my legs felt beat but again by they end of the workout they felt fresh. Got in the pool swam a mile, 30 minutes. Started having foot cramping at the end so I sat in the suana afterwards and stretched for a few minutes.

Mid week totals:
Running: 15 mpw--I am little upset that my running total is so low as usually I am at about 25+ miles by Wed. I am hoping though that the swim and bike are helping me maintain my endurance level. If that makes sense.
Biking: 33 mpw
Swimming: 2.5 miles

Not sure what all I can get in this week. Beau is out of school and is being a pill about going to the gym in the mornings. Childcare is hard to come by. Take it when I can get it. Also we are going to the beach so I'm getting ready for that. So we'll see what I can work in before then.


  1. I'm sure the bike is part of the issue with the back of your thighs, but I noticed the same thing after swimming a lot too. I guess we have to expend some effort to keep our legs out flat behind us when we swim, otherwise they would drag in the water. I think this uses those muscles as well.

    You are an exercising machine :-)

  2. Good lord, you do more in three days than I can do all week. I'm envious of your time and energy.

  3. YO! Nice job on all the tri training... sounds like cross training suits you!

    As far as your tightness/soreness, be wary of IT Band issues... all of what you're describing sounds like early IT band tightness... make sure you're getting some good calf stretches after your runs as well as keeping your hamstrings and quads as loose as possible. My calves are the culprit with ANY ankle, knee and hip pain I have and the massage therapist has narrowed it down to the IT band. Throw some ice packs on the ankle and hip after stretching... unless you're really pushing things it shouldn't get worse but the ice will go a long way toward keeping you healthy while your body is adjusting to the new demands you're placing on it.

    Keep up the good work!! Hey, I'm moving to the ATL in September so perhaps we can train together some!!

  4. Nice half weeks work Ms Natalie! You do Rock!


  5. Wes I am not an exercising machine. I swear it feels like I am doing a lot less than when I run 50 miles a week or more for marathon training. I have taken out the weights and cross training on the elliptical. I am working on adding weights back in but there is no point in the ellpitical.
    Funny thing about the swim--I never feel like I am using my legs unless I am sprinting. I feel it in my arms but not in my legs. When I was little I use to ask the coach if I was kicking. My legs are jsut so much stronger than my arms that I guess it feels easy to them. Does that make any sense.

    Steph you kids are younger than mine and in school less. You'll see you'll have more time. I've always been high energy. Wearing myself out helps me sleep better.

    Spence--Hi! I had not thought about IT band in the calf but I will check that out. I was being good about icing and ice baths when marathon training but I've let that fall to the side. Guess I better get back into that habit.
    Where abouts are you relocating here? If our schedules work I would love to have someone to train with. There are lots of tris in Sept and Oct here.

    Charlie--Thanks! Are we tempting you at all do a triathlon??? Take a break from marathoning for a few months?

  6. I am tired just reading this. seriously, it sounds like you are doing awesome.

  7. My legs ache just reading about that much exercise. Good for you!

  8. Hi! I'm with Spence, sounds like you could have a nagging IT Band thing beginning to niggle. Great thing I've found for calf, hammies and IT Bands is getting a foam roller thing. It's basically a 6 inch diameter, 2 foot long roll of foam and you just roll. It's great for helping to stretch and massage out those little areas.

    Also - consider fitting in a regular sports massage.... if you can bare the pain!!!

    Nice popping by your blog :o)

  9. Hey, I just got this from the Tri-Atlanta newsletter...
    "Ladies only need to read this......................
    We are holding a Women's Triathlon Clinic at Body Pros Physical Therapy on Sat. June 2 from 2-4:30pm.
    Conducted by Amy Kloner, Ilana Katz and Lisa Marshall
    We will cover female nutrition and weight control, female specific clothing and gear selection, tri etiquette, proper transition set up and tips for fast transitions, overcoming open water fears and tips on starting and sighting in open water, dealing with male egos on race day and then any question you ask us?????
    Fee is $30 in advance, $40 day of the event.
    Here is the link with the details:

    Hope to see you there!
    Lisa Marshall"

  10. Hi Karen and thanks for stoppingby! You are like the 5th perosn who has suggested a massage lately. But that would me 1 sitting still 2 time away from working out. But yeah, I know I need to do it. Thanks for the tip on the roller.

    Anne--Thanks, getting there.

    Megan my legs do ache but not too bad --actually less than they do after a long run.

    Jason-- Thanks for the tip!