Tuesday, May 22, 2007

The Ushering in of the Age of Awkward

Big sigh
It is upon us.
Or rather, it is upon Carmella. We have gap.

No more are the perfect little Chiclet rows.

The tooth? Well, the tooth has been loose since oh, . . . early April, gosh maybe even March. So we knew it was coming but honestly I was beginning to doubt that she was really going to let it come out.

On the way home from the beach she realized it was loose and completely lost her marbles over it. I pretty much had to peel her off the ceiling of the car. Even though nearly every single one of her friends have all lost several teeth I guess she thought it wouldn't happen to her. It completely freaked her out that it was loose and then when we told her, excitedly, that it was going to come out and that she would be getting all new teeth, well, it wasn't pretty. And I am not kidding--hyperventilating, crying, wringing of the hands and shaking of fists at the inequalities of life sort of freaking out. I can't even begin to imagine how she is going to react when she starts her period. Being human is too creepy for her. It probably would be wise if I get a prescription of Xanax for her and have it ready that milestone--you know start slipping it into her juice or something as soon as she hits 13. I think adolescence will go much easier for her.

So the tooth has been hanging on by a thin root for about 2 weeks now. It has been giving me the heebie jeebies every time she opens her mouth. This past weekend she was so dramatic about food--corn, apples, hamburger, pizza--all impossible choices! Ice cream, popsicles-- the only safe bets.

Last week I chased her around the house trying to pin her down so I could pull it out but she was too hysterical at the very thought of it so I let her go. No need to completely traumatize her, well at least not yet. There will be plenty of other opportunities (let's not forget I got menstruation to look forward to with her. Yes, honey totally normal. And guess what! It happens every single month! And I can just imagine how the tampon conversation is going to go over too.)

So anyway. . .Finally, this morning the tooth just fell out.

She tells her story here:


  1. I can remember doing that same thing when my first tooth was loose! Cuz it was a great way to get out of eating vegetables!!!

    She sure is a cutie-pie.

  2. I enjoyed hearing Carmella's version of the big event, and am glad that when it finally happened, it was not as bad as she thought. Sophie can't wait to lose her first tooth, every day she asks me to check to see if one is loose. So far, no go. I feel more like Carmella about it, would rather she keep the tiny,perfect teeth she has, but I know she will be sporting the big new chiclets before long.

  3. She was adorable answering you the reporter questions! Are you already prepping her for those post Olympic medal interviews?