Monday, May 21, 2007

Triathlon Forum

FYI I started a triathlon forum.

Here is the link. You will probably have to register. (Chose your member name carefully as you will be stuck with it.)

I just figured since so many of us have begun training and there seems to be a high interest in tri-ing in general that it might be a good place to swap info, get training feedback and most importantly to ask questions --and God knows that I have a bazillion questions.

Right now it is not private but I might change that or I might just close it if there is no interest.

Thoughts? Opinions?


  1. Yay! I'll play in your forum, because I'm so full of crap :-) but am always glad to help, even when not asked...

  2. Be forewarned, if you're moderating the forum, it's going to take time from your own training, especially with raising a family too. Plus, these forums can be very addicting!!

  3. Thanks Wes! Glad you joined!

    Bruce are you just mad that I don't have a marathon forum;) We would be honored if you pop in and be our running expert. And hopefully everyone will behave so moderation will be minimal. Forums are evil. But I like how they keep me in the loop.

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