Saturday, May 19, 2007

10k Today

I did this 10k.


This morning when I got up at 5am I really did not want to go. I can't quite put my finger on it but maybe it was the beers I had at the 4 year old's birthday party in the afternoon yesterday. Or wait, maybe it was the glass of wine I sipped while I danced and got my groove on in my kitchen after I dropped the kids at my parents; showing Ryan all the fancy new moves I've been practicing. No, maybe it was the dirty martini I enjoyed over Ryan and I much needed adult dinner. Or maybe it could have been because I knew this race attracts some of the fastest local runners and I didn't want to find out how slow I really am. But, you know, I think it mostly was because while I knew I wanted to run today I really didn't want it to be at 7am--especially since the kids weren't here it was a golden opportunity to acutally sleep until 7. Oh well, I'll sleep when I'm old and feeble and can't run.

So I went. I ran. I finished.

You'd think with most people that would be the whole story but you know me, I gotta drag it all out.

I was the 7th woman finisher and 3rd in my age group--gotta little plaque. I think the 1st and 2nd place overall winners were also in my age group. My time though sucked: 45:43. I had set Garmin to pace me and he finished the 10k at around 43:08 with the finish line no where in sight. I wasn't entirely surprised by this since it seemed the markers were off from the first mile and I had thought it would work it self out but they kept being more and more off. Garmin read 6.88 miles when I did finally get to the finish. I know my Garmin acts a little crazy sometimes but that is because I often lose the signal. I didn't today--had it the whole time. I asked about and a few runners said their times were off by a few minutes and one girl said her GPS said 11.5K-- so I think the course was long. Doesn't matter as it wouldn't have changed my placement since we all ran the same course.

The course was pretty easy compared to most courses in Alpharetta as it is relatively flat. Which is also why I am further suspicious of my time since I regularly run a 10k faster than 45 minutes on the treadmill.

Okay, I'll let it go. It is what it is. And a PR is not what it is.

Best friend came out too and ran the 5k. Yeah Tara! Very proud that you and skirt were out there representing the kick ass girly girls.

It was also nice to see Tracy, Rod and Virginia who all ran the 10k and did just super!

After the race I went over to the Greenway and rode Lance for 12 miles. This came in pretty slow as there were was some sort of 5k or school fun run going on at the end near the YMCA (read lots of little kids and parents.)

First week of triathlon training totals:
MPW: 44 (ran everyday)
Swimming: 2,600 meters (Monday, Tuesday and Thursday)
Bike: 24 miles (Wed, Sat)


  1. I dunno, Nat. Treadmill distances can be off too, and I know you use the older Garmin, which has a much higher discrepancy rate. Doesn't really matter, though, I guess :-) You had a good time, didn't ya?

    Nice job on the triathlon training. Get a plan :-)

  2. It's all a matter of perspective, but I think 45:43 is a fantastic time on a course that might have been longer! Your age group is a MONSTER. (if you can survive until you reach the age group 55-59, you'll be first place everytime!)

    You ran SEVEN days last week AND you're training for a're SUPERWOMAN!

  3. They serve beer at four y/o birthday partys!?!?!...and wine dancing in the kitchen...and dirty adult dinners...I want to live in GA!!! ;o)

    Nice job on your race. After all the above...I would never make it to the start line...or the finish!


  4. I agree with Bruce...Superwoman. Every day running, tri training AND kids.Superwoman! Congrats, Nat! Keep it up!

  5. Wes--I know my Garmin is rarely accurate that is why I asked around. I do think the course was long but not over half a mile long. Maybe a 1/4 mile long. Yeah, I had a good time.

    Bruce-- Most the women in the Atlanta area that are "elite" are in the 25-29 and 35-39 age group. There are even a few in the older AG's. The Atlanta Track Club has a great team ( a few have olympic trail qualifers for the various distances) and are very active in the local races. Even still I usually manage 1st in my AG for a 10k . I seem to 3rd a lot in the half for my AG.
    Off to fashion my superwoman cape.

    Charlie--It is like this. All the parents around here social lives revolve around the kids so a lot of times the kid parties are also for the adults--hence the beers.

    You know if you train with a hnadicap, like say binge drinking, it is not so much a handicap as just another facet of your training program.;)

    Tiger! Thanks but super woman I really am not. Super tired, yes.

  6. It is a hangover PR, there should be a separate category for that!

    See you at the seminar this evening. Call me if you want me to pick your ass up.

  7. Hangover PR indeed! I'll see you tonight. Thanks for the ride offer but not sure exactly when Ryan is getting home so to be safe I'll just drive myself.