Friday, May 18, 2007

Miss I

Miss I's itch
cannot be seen;
It is up and down and in between.
It keeps Miss I
in itchy stitches,
Wiggle hopping as she itches.

Today at Carmella's school was the letter person parade. It is the Kindergarten finale. All the kindergartners give a presentation--they wear a (homemade) costume, recite a poem, sing some songs and then parade through the whole school. All the other grades line the hall and cheer and clap as the kindergartners make their rounds.

It is pretty much the cutest thing ever.

Here is Carmella on parade:
That is Miss H with her "horrible hair" in front of Carmella. I know Carmella was very relieved to not have been Miss H.

She really liked her costume but not the crown so much--too itchy (honey, that's the point). We did iron-on's and I cut and sewed felt objects on an old dress. That is right, I sewed. Moi, sewed--as in needle and thread. And I-- nor anyone else-- got hurt. Unbelievable, I know.

On her dress-- in case you can't see are: Insects, Ink, Italy, Igloo, Ice Cream, Itchy and on the back, with a nod to her heritage, is a shamrock patch that says "Irish" and the word "Italian" under it. The crown is a big pink I.

Oh yeah, and only girls get to be vowels. That totally makes sense. I mean after all, everyone knows vowels are what makes a word. You certainly couldn't depend on the boys to do that! neener,neener, neener

And here is Carmella with the other Miss I's reciting their poems on stage.

Look out first grade!


  1. Natalie,
    Congratulations on your sewing job, her costume is very cute. I have heard lots about the letter parade at the end of Kindergarten, now I know what to look forward to next year. And I couldn't agree more about only girls being vowels, that makes perfect sense!

  2. Thanks Dorothy

    I didn't the other schools in this area did the letter people. It is very cute.