Thursday, May 03, 2007


I know I haven't posted in a few days. Sorry. I have been overwhelmed with doing work for Ryan and I's landscape business--no I do not do any of the lawn care, maintenance or planting so don't ask me anything about trees, grass, or flowers. I know nothing of flora and fauna. I am the administrative end of things. Really I am errand and book keeping girl and anything that has to do with a computer or paper.

Also, Carmella had her dress rehearsals for her recital on Monday and Tuesday. Did I mention that those were at GA Tech?

I didn't?

Well, for her to practice her routines that took, oh, all of 5 minutes we had to drive in rush hour traffic for a round trip of commute of 2+ hours each day. Did I mention I had Beau with me?

I didn't?

It sucked. Big time. Beau was pissed that he couldn't be on stage. He really wants to take hip hop but they don't offer any dance classes for boys until they are 5. I should mention that Beau doesn't just want to take dance. He also wants to play soccer (you have to be 4), football (you have to be 5), hockey (you have to be 5), baseball (you have to be 5) and do swim team (you have to be 5) and take gymnastics. The only thing 3 year old boys can do is gymnastics and the classes all conflicted with his school hours. So he is pretty ornery about having to go to all of Carmella's practices.

Anyway, I will post pictures of the tap routine later. I even have video if can figure out the technology on how to get that on the blog. I forgot my camera (bad mom, I know) for the jazz routine so you will have to wait until the recital for jazz pictures.

On top of all of this I am still fighting my allergies. I have spent every night this week hacking a lung up and trying to clear my nose. Every morning I wake up thinking I have pink eye but then my eyes clear up only to be burning by the afternoon. I realized my miserable nights were partly due to Ryan opening the windows. We have since closed them and turned on the air conditioning.

Did I mention the sinus headaches that have left me dizzy?


Here let me complain about that too.

Tuesday morning I tried to run but half way up the hill in front of my house I started to feel dizzy so I came home and took a decongestant. No running on a decongestant for me--to loopy and too dehydrated.

Yesterday morning I managed only 6 miles of my planned 10-13 mile run. And it took me 55 minutes to run six miles. That is because I had to stop twice so I could have a coughing fit on the sidewalk. I swear I am tasting the pollen as I run. I have been bringing my inhaler (I have allergy induced asthma but it hasn't bothered me in years) with me as a precaution. Saturday on my 7 mile run I thought I was having an asthma attack but luckily I had money with me and ran into Caribou coffee and bought an ice water. That helped and I was able run--albeit much more slowly-- the rest of the way home.

Yesterday evening I did feel a little better and the kids persuaded me to go to the gym. I managed a 5k in just over 22 minutes. Not great but better that it has been. Last night before bed Ryan begged me to take something that would knock me out so I wouldn't keep him up coughing. For some reason he thinks he doesn't keep me up every night with his snoring. He said, "It is not like I snore every night." Um, honey, yes it is like that.

So I finally caved and took some Benadryl (I don't like to take it because it gives me a hangover and makes me even thirstier than I already am). I did sleep better last night so I think it helped some. Hopefully I can at least do 10 miles this morning.

At any rate none of this bodes well for my 5k Saturday.


  1. Ugh, driving to Tech for recitals, that blows. Hope your run goes well this morning!

  2. I'm so sorry about the driving.

    The air quality is gross right now. After my run on Tues, I felt that "can't draw a full breath" feeling that you get after swimming all day. Yuck. Maybe it will rain.

  3. Yuk! That absolutely sucks!! I hope my commiserating makes you feel better :-) Why is that men get all the bad raps for snoring. When I claim Dee Dee is snoring, she blames it on the dog! Smart woman!!

  4. Run sucked!

    Steph--I haven't been able to take a deep breath in all week. It is very frustrating.

    Wes--I probably do snore--I know I did when I was pregnant because I woke myself up--but Ryan is a heavier sleeper so I never wake him up. Well, except with the coughing apparently.

  5. sinuses suck. i hate mine right now.