Thursday, May 03, 2007

Update to Struggling

Still struggling.

I am back from my "10 mile run." And it wasn't 10 miles. More than 8 but less than 9 and took me almost an hour and a half. I felt okay for the first 3 and half-- though I had toyed with cutting it short and making it 6 as early as a mile in. That choice has to be made right before I hit the three mile mark. But idiot that I am decided to stay with the 10 mile plan. I started walking shortly after 4 miles. After walking for a bit I just decided to turn around--at least it would be mostly downhill.

It was a crawl home. I'd run for a bit, start to feel dizzy and then walk for a bit and then run and then feel dizzy and then walk and so on and so on. Just miserable.

Ugh!!! I just want to feel better.

Off to get Parker and Beau, then Carmella and probably Parker's brother Austin. I promised the kids I'd take them to the park today. Maybe I should wear one of those little masks I see old men wear when they cut the grass.


  1. You poor thing...hope you're feeling better soon!

  2. See, that was what I was looking for! I hope I feel better soon too. I hate hate hate not feeling good.

  3. It may be time for a doctor visit. That dizzy stuff makes me nervous.

    I hope you feel better tomorrow. If you want to meet for lunch (with kids), call me.