Sunday, June 24, 2007

I am Gym Nat. Hear me squeak.

Without much ado about it here are the totals for last week:

The Run: 40 miles--maybe 41 but whatever. Pats self on the back for consistency, for maintaining despite all the dreadmill days and the sad 10 miles outside in 88 degree heat, bleh.

The Bike: 52 miles--only one day was a road ride and that was only 22 miles. The rest were on the stationary bike at the gym. Not sure if I am suppose to count these or not but it does kick my tail so I am counting.

The Swim: mile and half-- little short this week. Who cares. I only need to swim a 400 for the tri and I know I can do it.

Rode Lance today at the river today for 25 miles at a 15.6 mph pace. Martin's Landing and the climb up Eve's road killed my quads. Then swam a 600m during adult swim at the pool. Eh.

I miss training for marathons but I am loving the diversity.


  1. Hey Ms Natalie,

    You are amazing! You are like the complete package...You will rock that doubt about it!

    Keep up the great training!

  2. Riding the bike at the gym counts!! You are building the proper cycling muscles for sure!! Just think, you can train for a half or full ironman, that will get your running mileage back up there ;-)

  3. Great week, gym Nat! You kick behind.

  4. Everything counts!!! Every step, stroke, and pedal will count. Every little calorie ate, burned off, and replenished will be accountable during your race. You have such an advantage of being a great swimmer and you can focus more on cycling and running...I've read that the swimming portion is usually the weakest for're going to be a monster in your race!!!

  5. Thanks guys! You are so nice!
    I am not--IMO--a powerhouse in the pool but it is fairly effortless. I won't struggle there but the bike is going to be tough. It is where I need the most work but I don't want to lose my edge in the running either.

  6. Riding stationary bikes in the gym isn't ideal - mainly because the riding positions are usually very different to a real bike. As a result, you'll risk the odd niggle from riding in positions you're not accustomed to, and you won't quite train the right muscles in the right way to improve your actual cycling.