Saturday, June 30, 2007

If you are patient the conversation will come full circle

Beau had a fever. How high? I have no idea--my mommy hands said probably around 101.

He felt hot last night so I gave him some Motrin. It doesn't seem serious. I am basing this on that fact that he is still running around, eating, and acting just like Beau always does. He does have a cough so I think he has a cold. I am certain that if I get this cold I will feel like I am dying but Beau? He swears he is not sick. Perfectly fine. Nothing hurts and he most definitely does not need to go to the doctor.

We'll see about that.

The Motrin knocked the fever right out. I went to check him about an hour after I gave it to him and he was all sweaty and snoring blissfully.

I went to check him again this morning and he felt a little warm--maybe a hundred-- so I gave him some more Motrin. I asked him how he felt and he said fine and that he didn't want to go to the boat.

Me, a little confused but nonetheless very interested since Beau loves the boat, loves the lake, loves water, loves to swim. "Oh. How come?"

"I'm scared."

Me, surprised: "You! Really? Of what?"

Him: "Of the snapping turtle" Of course he said, "h'apping 'urtle".

I wasn't really sure why were having a conversation about the boat and snapping turtles but I did, after a moment, recall that last time we went to lake--and by last time I mean over a year ago-- we saw a snapping turtle. And I guess he also heard me yesterday ask Ryan what he thought about going to the lake on Sunday. I didn't know Beau heard me ask him that but I guess he did.

So around 5:30 this morning Beau and I had a very lengthy conversation about snapping turtles and how they live in the lake, under the water--the very water that he swims in. And how much, after some thought, he really does love the boat and swimming in the lake even if there are snapping turtles in the water. And one time, at camp, Carmella saw a tiny scorpion but he did not see it but he knows that scorpions? Like bees? Will sting you. He is serious. Totally. Oh, and there is a bee's nest in the bush next to our driveway. He saw it. And, guess what? It has honey in it. Honey. 'Cause bees? They make honey. He knows that. But he won't touch the nest. Or the honey. Because bees? They will sting you. And it will hurt. Very bad. He knows this because one time--like last year, at the beach when we went with Chase-- Mommy stepped on a bee. He saw that. Oh, and 2 days ago? Lala? Got stung by a yellow jacket while she was hiking with Pop. Right there, on her wrist. And Mommy. He is not sick. He does not want to go to the doctor. 'Cause he is scared he will get a shot. And that? That will hurt. Very bad.


  1. What a cool conversation. Shots do suck! Chase was coughing this morning too. No fever though.

  2. and a shot would suck.

    Annika is coughing too! Ack!

  3. Looks like a really yucky cold. He still has a very low grade fever this am--99.8. His cough sounds so gross. And beware, on Th he was hoarse, on Fri he had a little cough and then yesteday a fever. Hope you guys don't get it. I hope I don't get it and don't have to run the Peachtree sick.

    At any rate he doesn't act all that sick. He just came in here bugging me to go to Parker's and is getting himself dressed right now. Sigh. Another day with a sick kid who doesn't think he is sick and is just pissed off because he has to stay home. . . Mommy, let's go to the pool,let's do something! I'm bored. Ugh, fun fun.

  4. Yesterday he wore his bathing suit all day.