Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Peachtree Prep: Tapering, uh, sort of . . .

I was remiss about posting my totals last week. I've been in a pseudo taper. I think I have mentioned before that the taper is hard for me--it just feels wrong or like I'm not doing my homework. Dumb, I know. But that is how the taper makes me feel--less bright, dimmer. Like I am losing my edge and this is based on the ridiculous and laughable notion that I have edges.

Anyway, here is how last week shaped up:

Sunday: 25 mile bike ride. I rode down by the river (pancake flat) and up Eves Road (long, long big hill) and into Martin's landing (rolling hills). It was really hard and I can't remember what the avg mph was I am thinking it was either 15 or 17. Ugh, I am so slow. I want to be fast! Swam 800 meters.

Monday: 7 miles on the treadmill in 52 minutes and change. Ladder workout.

Tuesday: 22 miles in an hour on the gym bike. Hill workout on a level 10. I did some arm weights. It has been awhile since I've lifted a weight. So boring and it made me ridiculously hungry the rest of the day.

Gym Brick; 13 miles in 36 minutes on the bike (hill workout, level 8) and then a 5 mile run on the treadmill 36 minutes and 42 seconds. 800 meter swim in the afternoon.

Thursday: 13 mile run. I am so slow outside--mostly on purpose. I am trying to keep up the habit and the endurance but since often I can't run until 10 am it is hot and humid as hell. Not to mention there are lots of hills here--another reason I don't push the pace and just let it be what it is. Thursday was in the low 80's and the first part of my run was very shady so it wasn't too bad. I stopped around the 7 mile mark to get some Gatorade. Downed about half of it, tossed it and ran on. It was getting really steamy. I probably would have been wise to keep the leftover Gatorade but I hate carrying stuff in my hands while I run. I planned on stopping at Caribou around the 11 mile for some water. So I figured 4 miles was no biggie. By the time I reached Caribou I was hot and starting to feel thirsty.I was ready for my water break. Imagine my dismay to find that the Caribou had closed. Gone. Those last 2 miles home were rough. I was fine but not having that 2nd water stop really ruined my run.

Friday: 10k on the treadmill in 47 minutes. 12 easy miles on the bike in 35 minutes.

Saturday: My plan had been a short run and swim but Beau was sick so we stayed home. I really needed a day off. It had been over 2 weeks since I took a complete day off.

Week Totals:
Bike: 72 miles
Run: 31 miles (this is the taper part)
Swim: 1600 meters (this is just sad. I have been bad about getting in the pool)

And this week:
Sunday: 10 miles. I don't even bring a watch anymore because it upsets me to see how slow I am. Ignorance is bliss.

Monday: 4 miles out and back out side--uphill, downhill, uphill, downhill. Easy peasy. Then 13 miles on the bike through Steph's ridiculously hilly hood and connecting hoods. Running and riding through there give me a clue as to why her legs look as awesome as they do.

Today, Tuesday:
Original plan was rest day but I don't think I can do it. So I thought I would just swim but I never just swim so now I am thinking maybe bike too at the gym. . . We'll see.

Tomorrow: Peachtree! Good luck all. Have a Happy, Safe, 4th!


  1. You will do Great at the Peach Tree Ms Natalie!

    Great training totals...I don't see the taper! ;-)

    Have a great race tomorrow!

  2. the running Charlie--I've been doign 40 mpw. See how I cut back to 30. This week will probably be 30 too.

    Have a great 4th too!

  3. If ya wanna see how fast your are, take Lance out to the Silver Comet Trail! Rock and roll :-)

  4. Big kiss for the legs comment! Those darn hills are hard on the knees, though. I keep hoping they will make me stronger or faster on the bike, but to no avail.

    Your taper still kicks my ass.

  5. And the Peach Tree race report? I bet it was wild with 55,000 runners! Hope you had fun and a wonderful 4th to celebrate!


  6. I had a blast! And the report is coming.