Tuesday, June 19, 2007

In case there was ever any doubt

People are always stopping me on the street and asking me where Beau gets his hair. And I too have wondered and guessed maybe Ryan or my dad but never really certain which, if either.

Those curls! They marvel.
That color! They envy.

And then they look puzzled at me with my highlighted straight dark blond hair, Carmella with her caramel-colored stick-straight hair and Ryan's head of thick short brown hair and yeah, I too have wondered. But not anymore. . .

Bubbles brought the picture to dinner the other night. I had never seen a picture of Ryan at this age--which we guessed him to be the about the same age as Beau. I had only seen baby pictures where Ryan was bald and then I remember him from elementary school and his hair was more my color and straighter by then. So okay then! Beau gets his hair from Ryan. And I guess if father like son then the curls and the towhead days are numbered. Whahhh!!!!!

Here are some more pictures from our Father's Day/June Birthdays dinner at the neon palm tree (local Mexican with a, well, neon palm tree).
Poppy's "We got Fripped!" t-shirt.

June birthdays do shots! 30 years age difference. Tequila though? She's a lady that shows no age, no gender bias.

Ryan, an August birthday, indulges too.
The kids.

And just in case there was ever any doubt of Ryan's paternity. . .

Happy Father's day and happy belated birthdays to Meme and Pop.


  1. I'll bet Beau gets his crossed eyes from you ;-)

  2. We could only say that if he was drinking ;) I can't cross my eyes like he does. He can make one eyeball cross and the other "wander." I am no where near as talented.

  3. What a cute picture of Ryan!