Saturday, June 16, 2007

June 10th's week end totals

Not much to blog about here since I already have, just adding it all up.

I got in a 9-10 mile run this morning--new route-- I am guessing the mileage here as Garmin was dead. It took me about an hour and half to run but I felt kinda slow, though I am never over a 9:30 mile so the 9-10 range is probably right. Then I rode the bike into Roswell--just 6 miles or so, again guessing here. So, for the week . . .
Run: 40 miles
Bike: 77 miles
Swim: 2 miles

My legs are totally beat. My run today sucked. Nothing hurt, I was just tired, plain and simple--probably because I had 2 great workouts yesterday. So tomorrow is probably going to be a day off. Next week, since the kids are out of camp, I think I will just focus on some speed work on the treadmill and get the bike in when I can and of course get some swims in.


  1. No doubt the swimming and biking are affecting your running. Hang in there, tri-goddess in training :-)

  2. You've had a jammed pack week and your speed for yesterday's run is not too shabby! I'm not surprised your legs are totally beat. You do deserve a rest day as to let your body recover. Gosh, you should write a book on how to run 40 miles, bike 77 miles and swim 2 miles during the week... all the while being a mother too! What drives you to work so hard???

  3. Nice totals and effort!

    Great training Ms Wonderwoman!

  4. It goes without saying that you will be kicking my ass at the Acworth race. 40 miles plus 77 bike AND swim? Holy cow.