Friday, June 15, 2007

Carnival Day

Like the title suggests today's theme was Carnival.

As in Mardi Gras and absolutely anything goes. Like, Beau's counseler was dressed as a "guppy stuck in pond scum." We are so uncreative in comparison.

Carmella wasn't planning on dressing up but after she came down in her Hello Kitty shirt and black mini skort I suggested maybe I could do whiskers on her face. I even said I could do a headband with kitty ears. At first she said no but then she changed her mind. So 10 minutes before it was time to go I made said headband and drew cat face on her. She did frown somewhat when I called her Goth Kitty.

No Mommy, I am a cute kitty cat.

Right. Okay.

Beau, while I was putting on the kitty, destroyed the house getting his costume together: Vader mask, super hero utility belt, star bathing trunks and "Shake your Bones" t-shirt with skeletons on it. Okay, the t shirt was my idea because he wanted to wear a black turtleneck and I convinced him that it wasn't "cool" since the you-will-fry-your-ass-off-in-long-sleeves argument failed yesterday. Funny how being "cool" not cool is important even at 3.

Today was also the last day of camp: I'm sad. Carmella's sad. Beau is devastated. His counselors seemed a little verclempt too and didn't want to give him back. I told them I was totally fine leaving him with them.

They whined that he wasn't taking another session. They adored him. They all praised his energy, his humor and his love and excitement of everything--especially water. This. . . this was unexpected. But an absolutely wonderful surprise for me. See, at school-- and pretty much everywhere else, Carmella is the kid that teachers love and adore. Beau, on the other hand, is the kid that the teachers think is cute and "awesome" but don't really want him in their class because he is so high energy, too much work.

I am so just over the moon happy that camp is a place where Beau was the pet; where Beau was the star.

I really wish I could afford to send him to the school that this camp is based out of. Because if ever there was a perfect fit for the school, the camp--it is Beau. Sadly, with tuition for just preschool being over 10k ( that is for 5 days a week, full days-- but even shorter days are more than twice what I pay for 5 half days at his current school)it isn't ever going to happen--especially since kindergarten and the upper grades are even more. I know this because I looked into it for Carmella because it is also an "artistic" school--which Carmella, as she told me yesterday is "the artist in the family," after all.

Oh well, at least they can go to the camp.

And a million thank yous to Lala and Pop for footing the bill so that they could go--because truth be told-- even the camp is too expensive for us.

Rest assured, it was money well spent.

PS The above picture was taken with my new Barbie phone.

PPS I am sure to destroy it soon. It is so delicate. I am absolutely not to be trusted with delicate electronics. The Pope must have blessed my Nano for it to have lasted this long.

PPPS I got in a great 7 mile run at the river today and then in the afternoon went to the gym and rocked an hour on a hill workout on the stationary bike for 21.6 mph.

One very last thing. It is Lala's birthday today. She is old. But not as old as Pop, Poppy or Bubbles or a whole bunch of other baby boomers. And let me tell you this: it is so annoying but people always think she is my big sister. Oh, and my thoughts on getting old? Since you asked and all. I look at it like this: you either get old or you are dead. Choice seems pretty easy there. But to further it--silver lining, you know,-- I figure if you can't stay young then it is best to just look young for as long as you can. And looking young? Lala rocks it. Happy Birthday Mom!

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  1. Thank you firstborn-you're pretty special to me too! The camp has been our pleasure, hopefully when Duncan is old enough he too can come over to stay with us and go with his cousins. Not sure Pam and Justin will let him but we're hoping that can happen.As you see I have this blog thing which I did so I could comment on Pam's new blog -Evan's Garden. Then she fixed it so I could be anonymous (my fav thing to be) So I now have this blog which I don't even know how to access.