Thursday, June 14, 2007

Update to Wacky Tacky Wednesday

Okay so only Carmella's group was doing Wacky Tacky Wednesday. Beau's group was doing "Make Your Own Recyclable Hat Day". Oops.

Can you imagine what would have happened if I had made that mistake with Carmella?

Beau, of course, did not care one bit that he was dressed ridiculous and different from all the other kids. In fact, he wore his pirate hat to camp again today-- along with a long sleeved winter shirt. He told me he liked to be hot. I did put a short sleeved shirt in his back pack but his counselors said he refused to change--just like yesterday when he refused to change out of his cowboys boots and the cape--despite the blister and no matter how hot the cape made him. I guess I should be able to relate since I have several pairs of shoes that I continue to wear because they make my legs look great even though they absolutely kill my feet and make it painful to run the next day.

In other wacky Wednesday news I got in a one mile swim in the afternoon yesterday. Today I did 22 miles on the bike down by the river at an avg pace of 15.6 mph. I did do some hill work in Martin's Landing and man, my legs were dead today. It was much harder than I expected. I had planned to get off the bike and do a run but that did not happen.

And to whoever yelled out "Hey Nat!" to me on Riverside Dr--Sorry I didn't yell hey back or turn around to figure out who you were. I was trying to get my groove on and was still talking myself into the workout. Stopping probably would have ended it completely for me. Anyway, my guess is that is was Doug, Steph's husband. I think I recognized his laugh.

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  1. You are right!

    It was Doug. He was bike/running yesterday and is still really enjoying it despite not increasing his speed from last time. Sunday is my turn to bike/run at the river.

    Make-your-own-recyclable-hat-day? That sounds pretty wacky to me anyway. ; ) I love Beau - he is the free spirit I wish I could be.