Wednesday, June 13, 2007

I'm In!

I got my number for the Peachtree Road Race today! I was a little worried since I forgot to send in a copy of my Driver's license but I did send in race documentation so I guess that was enough. Whew!

I'm all sweaty. Wait, not about the Peachtree-- I mean of course I will be after the race--but I was referring to the a 14 mile death march, I mean run, I just finished. It is only 84 degrees. I was faster last week when it was in the low 90's. The summer heat is humbling~ a 9:21 avg pace. Wow, I suck. Oh well, it is done. Miles in the bank if nothing else.


  1. Whoo! I've been checking the mail every day, waiting, waiting . . . .

  2. I've seen many race numbers, but your Peachtree bib number is beautiful and unique!

    Running 14 miles in 84 degree heat is tough, therefore the 9:21 average pace is not too shabby. That tough run will help pay off in your upcoming race.

  3. I got all excited. Then I realized, I'd already checked the mail today and it didn't come. *le sigh*

    Tomorrow is another day.

  4. No number so far for me. Still searching! Much better mail day then bills.

  5. Steph --let me know what you get. Are you and Dougles staying downtown this year again? If not can we carpool?

    Lauren they send them out in waves. I know people who got theirs on Tuesaday. So it should be soon.

    Bruce, you are my favorite cheerleader.

    Tara, if you are serious I will hunt you down a number. I want you to do it but I don't want to go to all the effort and have you wussie out on me.

  6. I am 11038 and Doug is 15868. We are staying downtown again - I'm telling you that is the way to go. So nice. Next year, you and Ryan can join us.

    Anyway, can we meet after the race for beer/food at the restaurant in the park? Last year I had to wait 2 hours to eat and I'm not doing that again!

    Tara - call Big Peach and see if they have any of those numbers left!