Tuesday, July 17, 2007

It is only Tuesday

And my week is already sucking.

Very bad, as Beau would say.

First, I am completely devastated that the solitaire diamond in my engagement ring fell out of the setting.
When and where and how?
I have absolutely no idea.
But it is gone.
I have retraced my steps today and, well, the world is a big place for one little diamond.
Ugh, I am so sad.
I noticed it was gone this afternoon when I was talking to our accountant. And yes, that is always a whole other heart attack.

Oh, and no. It is not insured. Of course it isn't.

See, we have so much insurance on everything else and pay-I-can't-even-tell-you-how-much for cars, house, employees, equipment and health insurance a year and never, ever have to make a claim. Of course it would be the one thing that we don't have insurance on that I lose. Of course it is! Fabulous.

As if that isn't enough my son just came downstairs dressed as a girl. Okay, that is funny in and of itself. Beau's and Carmella's costumes and theatrics are always funny. But today is not the day that I want to laugh at myself.
Upon introducing the Beau queen, Carmella exclaimed cheerfully, "Look Mommy! I put bows in his hair and helped him put on your boobs!"

See, that is the not so funny part. Because it is just sad that even my kids know I have to "put on" my boobs. Here is the picture with my boobs "put on"--backwards no less.
But you know what is bothering me the most is that they found my ugliest bra. A nude! Ugh. Told you this week was sucking.
One last picture. And what you can't hear is the "siss" sound Beau is making as he touches his ass because he is so hot in Carmella's bows and my "put on" boobs.

End bitch session.


  1. Ah... So sorry to hear about your ring. That sux! So glad I'm hear to remind you of that :-) But your little stud is awesome. We should be teaching the proper way to get those bras off! LOL...

  2. I laughed out loud about the hissss. : ) It's nice to know that others have to put the boobs on too.

    I'm so sorry about your ring. That is just rotten.

  3. I am so sorry about your diamond but your story made me laugh (quite hard too). Hope that makes you smile!

  4. Oh Man, I know that feeling. Did you go through your purse, like pull EVERYTHING Out...change, credit cards out of wallet, etc? Remember, my diamond was stuck in an empty pack of gum.
    The kids are a riot!