Monday, July 23, 2007

Week's recap and thinking ahead

I was at the gym mostly last week so my workouts weren't a lot of fun but I got it done.

nothing, rode back from the beach.

Already recapped here: mile swim, 4 mile run, 11 mile bike, one mile run.

Tuesday: AM swim workout: 200 meter warm-up. 10x 100m in 2 minute intervals. The first 100 I finished in around minute 20 as I had a 40 second rest period. (I used the wall clock so I don't have detailed time). I held the second 100 for around a minute 20 and then progressively saw slower times. The 10th 100 I think came in around a minute 35. Then I cooled down with 450 easy meters.
This is the day I noticed my diamond was gone and I went back to the gym to look around. Even though I didn't feel like working out I did. I rode 11 on the bike in under 31 minutes and then did a mini brick and ran 2 miles on the treadmill in 14:22. I wasn't feeling it and just left.

Wednesday: 10 mile run outside in the am. Not sure exactly how long but around an hour 25. Went to the gym in the afternoon and did the bike for 11 miles again and swam a mile in the pool, scouring the bottom, looking for my stone. So sad.

Thursday: 10 mile run in the am, this time in around an hour 20. Then rode the bike for an hour at the gym in the afternoon for 22 miles.

Friday: 7 mile ladder run on the treadmill in 52:16. Walked it out to the hour.

Saturday: Gym brick: 11 mile bike (hills, level 8) in under 31 (seem stuck with this time as I hit it every workout). Then hit the treadmill for a 10k in 45:51. I felt absolutely horrible before going to the gym and had to talk myself into the workout the whole time. Really I didn't want to do anything so I was pretty happy that I fought it out and got it done.

Run: 40 miles
Bike: 66 miles
Swim 3 miles

I am looking to the fall and my race schedule. Here is what I am planning:
Silver Comet Half Marathon

I'd like to squeeze in a 10k this month too.

I am considering the Chickmauga Battlefield Marathon but it might be too much so I might not. I've looked at this race every year and thought about it so maybe this year will be the year I actually do it.
Atlanta Half Marathon

Rocket City Marathon

Chattahoochee Challenge 10k

Alpharetta Half marathon Maybe it will be better this year.
GA ING Marathon

And Boston if our finances change and I can afford it, otherwise I will just have to keep qualifying and will eventually get there.

Next spring I will start planning and think seriously about some more triathlons. Definitely a few sprints and some Olympics. I might even get crazy and do a half ironman next summer-- but I don't think I am full ironman material. I seriously can't wrap my mind around doing anything for that long. Joe Reger just finished his first 100 mile run in 26 hours and I just absolutely can't even fathom that. So. Very. Impressive. And, you know, I think pretty much anything is possible physically but I know me and I know my brain and I just know that I do not have that sort of endurance in me.


  1. My you are a fishee :-) If you can translate those times into race day, you have really good changes of finishing in the top 5 of the whole race. Not to blow hot air for ya :-)

    Seems like our paths may cross a few times later this year, well at the starting line at least ;-) If I don't do a half IM in October, then I will definitely be looking at a first one in May (Gulf Coast, Florida 70.3) or the Rock n Roll (Macon) in June.

    Fun stuff!

  2. Wow, your workouts are just amazing. Way to go!

  3. Gosh, you have a lot on your plate! Mucho races planned too. Well, my finances are horrible due to the expensive trip to Upstate New York visiting relatives, I don't know how I can afford Boston, but if all else fails, CHARGE IT!! Never know when you get a chance to run Boston again...their will always be expenses.

  4. Nat, you're doing a great job getting all the training in, living a full family life and doing some great events! I appreciate the kudos but have to say that if you ever got the bug to do some very long stuff you'd have no trouble at all. Just like you're stepping into the tri stuff one day at a time. Keep it up and as always thanks for letting us hear about it!

  5. Hey Nat- Just finished my first Oly this weekend, and have now officially caught the bug- you're going to do great and just LOVE it! I am also considering Florida 70.3 for my first half, it's supposed to be a great race.

  6. Hey Ms Natalie,

    You are doing great! I love how you are able to do all that you still get all that training in...That's dedication!

    I think you could do the 1/2 doubt about it. You would ace the swim...1 hr...the bike might be your worse/hardest part...but it's only 56 miles...3 hrs... and the run is in the bank...less than 2 hrs...easily 5.5-6 hrs. :o)...of course it looks easier on paper (at least to me) than actually doing it, but if anyone could do are the woman that could.

    Bruce has a point...Charge It!...Go to'll have a blast!