Sunday, July 08, 2007

My Super Secret Surpise Party

That I threw myself.

Yesterday I turned 36. Wait, I mean 29.

And you'd think that with a birthday of 7/7/71 I'd be a whole lot luckier. I am fairly lucky but not as lucky as all those sevens suggest.

So I had a pool party.
And, of course, it rained.

Never mind that we have been in a drought all summer. But I knew it would rain. Happens every single time I plan a party for outside. And just so you know I am having a pool party for Beau on July 28th--so if you've got important outside plans that day you might want to change them or get a tent because it is going to rain. Sorry.

My plan was simple enough: pool, beer, hot dogs, cake and champagne.

All that happened despite the lack of sunshine but as it turned out quite a few people ended up not being able to make it or couldn't stay long so I have a lot of hot dogs. But smart me bought hot dogs that have good til date of October 07. So we will be having these hot dogs, instead of pizza, at Beau's birthday in 2 weeks. And then I will not be eating another hot dog until I am 40 as my consumption this summer alone has surpassed that of all my other 36 years on this planet.

Later, we went back to our house and had a fireworks show in the driveway. Good times. Happy Birthday to me.

Thanks to all who came and celebrated with me-- you helped make it a good one. Smooches to each and every one of you.


  1. Happy, happy Birthday!

    I'm so sorry that we have the poopies over here. I'm washing Dagny's sheets AGAIN as we speak. Better not to share that gift with you.

    Hey - are you thinking about any olympic distance tris this year or maybe next summer . . . .

  2. Happy Birthday, Nat! I luv super secret surprise parties! Especially if I get to throw them for myself! I know the rain was unfortunate, but by God it was a blessing! Wouldn't stopped me from sitting out by the pool drinking beer, smoking wet cigars :-) Hope you had fun!!

  3. Steph--Believe me, I know you would rather have been having champagne with me than dealing with diahrea. I mean, gosh, at least I hope drinking with me is more fun than a stomach bug. And yes, thank you for not sharing.

    And yes, I do think about the Oly distance since I think my training is between that and a half iron. I've looked at the calendar but with all the stuff I have to do for my sister's wedding I don't think one is likely. So yeah, probably next summer. Come Sept I will be focusing on marathon training again.

    Wes, thanks! We did need the rain. So it was a good think but damn it it isn't suppose to rain on my party! Sigh, like I said, it always does though.
    And yeah, it didn't stop me from drinking. I had a great time but then agan, I pretty much make an effort to always have a great time.

  4. With all those hot dogs left there is always the Coney Island 4th of July contest! 63 in 12 minutes is the new

  5. Jeff
    Hi and welcome! And we totally discussed a hotdog eating contest. I made it to 2 which is a new record for me. I think Ryan may have had 3 and Beau 2. Carmella still has yet to ever eat one in her life. She had a peanut butter sandwich. So I am thinking the hotdog eating record is safe.