Sunday, September 16, 2007

One Man's Trash is Another's Treasure . . .

Or so the saying goes.

And so it went. To some extent.

I had a garage sale yesterday. And I am not a garage sale person. I know I sure don't want anyone else's crap. I am more the type of person who wants to have the coveted stuff not the tossed out old stuff. Lucky for me there are plenty of people who are willing to buy the tossed out, no longer coveted old stuff.

Despite this somehow I still have a garage full of crap.

But I have been unburdened of the ugly dresser, an old rusty motorcycle, the baby jogger (can't say I was sad to see it go-- no matter how well it served me) and the Little Tykes play crap that has been an eyesore in my backyard for much too long. I also sold a lot of Carmella and Beau's clothes. I still have a baby crib, changing table, high chair and some very cool window boxes that need to go. And for those who like the uncoveted and no longer loved things all these items and many others will be listed on Craigslist. The ridiculous amount of children's clothes I have will be going to consignment stores or listed on eBay. Though I do have a enough I could probably open my own kid's consignment store up to age 5t for both boys and girls.

All said and done I made just under $400 yesterday. Yeah! More money to go buy more crap.

Oh, I made the kids work too.

They had a lemonade stand. Mostly they drank the lemonade and ate the cookies and muffins and brownies and rode bikes around the garage sale items like they were cones on an obstacle course.

Still they made $8 and absolutely loved having a garage. Carmella even got up with me at 6 am to help set up and wipe stuff down. She was all about the arranging and setting up and writing SOLD! signs and taping them on items.

Beau, on the other hand, slept in. He is more of my wheeler and dealer; a true salesman. For the first few hours he went up to every customer: "Good Morning! I got bwonies! Cupcakes! I mean muffins. Cookies? Lemonade?" When they ignored him he would persistently follow them with an empty cup and the basket of baked goods until they relented and bought something from him. After awhile he grew bored of the lemonade stand and started playing with the all the crap that was for sale--the edger, the tripod, the baby jogger, the freaking annoying as shit mickey mouse alarm clock briiinnnngggg!!! . . .

Because of the preparations involved in getting ready and setting up for the garage sale my running and workouts this week suffered slightly. But I did manage to get the key workouts in so I am pleased with the effort this week-- even if it is short of goals:

Sunday: Rest day. Collect crap for garage sale.
Monday: 5 mile recovery run at 8 am.
At 10 am 28 mile bike ride with Steph. This was great ride except for where the asshole in the Caddy tried to hit her. I just don't understand why you would floor it and go around a cyclist that had already signaled and made their move to turn left way before you were even close enough to pass. Jerk.
At any rate, I love riding with Steph. I think we are very well matched--unless she is holding back on my account.
In the afternoon I hit the gym for a swim. Continuous 1600 meter swim that came in at 27 minutes.
Tuesday: 2 hour run. 15 miles at an 8:42 pace. Still too slow.
Wednesday: Speed work day. Ladders on the treadmill for 8 miles in 57:22.
Thursday: Wanted to do a 6 mile recovery run but instead I spent the day pricing stuff and getting all the kid's clothes together.
Friday: 3 hour run. 20 miles at a 8:54 pace.
Saturday: Garage Sale

Week's end totals:
Run: 48 miles
Bike: 28 miles
Swim: 1 mile


  1. I just don't understand the folks out there. Over here in Woodstock, everyone is always so courteous to cyclists... Sigh... Nice job on the garage sale! Do you do garage sale consulting? :-)

  2. It's just the Caddies, Wes. I don't know what it is about a Caddie. They make me think of that lawyer guy from Easy Rider, only not as nice.