Sunday, September 02, 2007


Got it done.
Friday: 6 miles in the evening. Nice run at about an 8:10 pace. I thought about making it 10 but I had brought no water or money or nutrition with me and it was almost 90 degrees. I really needed a run this week where I didn't finish feeling like crap.

Saturday: I got in a surprise 16 miles in the morning. My plan had been to just do 10 but I was feeling good so I upped it to 14 then decided to go ahead and do 16. Same route that I did 10 days ago but instead of a 9:20 pace it was an 8:41 pace. I made it through the run with only one crank gel and some water. What a difference the cooler weather and the absence of a headache makes.

I am sad I got no bike in last week but right now it just isn't a priority and with marathon training the first thing to go will probably be the bike.

Run: 46 miles
Swim: 1 mile
Bike: 0 miles

Still haven't pinned down what marathon/s I am going to do this fall but Ryan seems most on board with the Chickamauga on Nov 10th. It isn't far and since it is a double loop he and the kids would be able to better spectate. I still really want to do Rocket City though. If I were to get to do my ideal fall race plan it would look like this:
Oct 7th Emerald Point.
Oct 27th Silver Comet Half Marathon
Nov 10th Chickamauga Marathon
Nov 22 Atlanta Half Marathon
Dec 8th Rocket City Marathon


  1. Git 'er done! Great work. Hey, there's a good article in the October 2007 Runner's World about Desiree Ficker who's both an Ironman competitor and a 2:40 marathoner. She compares training for both portions of her year and there's a great little chart of the number of miles and workouts on swim, bike, run for ironman vs. marathon. Summary is that the bike puts a hefty load on the quads and makes it tough to add speed to a marathon.

  2. Coolness. I'd get to see ya at Silver Comet and Rocket City... Happy 36th to Ryan. I appreciated the card! LOL. Pig butt ROFL...

  3. Joe
    Are you trying to make me feel better because I bailed on the bike or plant ironman seeds? Either way I will check out the article and, for the record, Lord knows my quads don't need any more heftiness. Speed, though, I desperately need--in spades. I don't have lithe little sticks like you.

    And thanks for the kudos! I need all the pats on back I can get these days.

    Thanks and I really hope to get to Rocket City. Ryan also likes the idea of space city. He keeps saying though that I am "such a waste" after my marathons but honestly,I have no idea what he is talking about since after my first I came home and made Thanksgiving side dishes and after OBX and ING I went bar hopping. It isn't like I take naps or lolligag about. Surely I can do tourist stuff at the civil war exhibits and looks at a few teleschopes. So more likely than not we will definitely toe some start lines together this fall.

    Are you thinking about GA ING full this year or are you all triman glory in the spring??? What say you on the Macon half iron or the SC half. Florida is turning me off since, obviously, I do not rock the heat.

    PS. Glad to know you are a butt man to, lol. ;)

  4. Your pace of 8:41 for a 16 miler is pretty quick training speed! Are you aiming for a sub 3:30 this fall??? Keep getting it done, you're going to be fantastic!!

  5. Bruce
    Yep, shooting for a 3:30 this year. It was my goal last year at ING and I had a 3:34 predicted finish pace going until I bonked around mile 23 and crawled my way to the finish. So I think I got it in me but it will take some work and definitly cooler weather. I'd like to keep all my long runs under a 9 min pace preferably around an 8:30 pace. very optimistic to say the least.

  6. I'm doing Silver Comet Half! I have to beat my last years (untrained) time. And then beat my ING Georgia Half (untrained) time.

  7. Hey, Glad you got your mojo back a bit.

    BTW, Chickamauga is kinda a cool idea. It is pretty, and you could do a family Chattanooga thing. Chattanooga is great with kids.