Monday, October 01, 2007

Quickie Update

So I am still sick.
Virus my ass.
I feel like it is going to be me and the snot forever. I can't even remember what it was like to be phlegm free. But sometimes I am blessed and can breathe through one nostril. All that oxygen is wonderful. I can't even imagine what breathing through both sides of my nose would be like. I'd probably be high or something.

Anyway, powering through it. I did manage to run Friday and Saturday last week. 8 Friday --very slow-- and 6 Saturday a little better. 19 total for the week, 24 for the bike. Nada for the swim. So sad.

Today I got in 5 miles for the run and then Steph and I got in 20 or so on the bike. I hope I didn't hold her back, Ms. I got second in my age group at 2 Bridges. Way. To. Go! Hopefully, next week I will be back kicking some Roswell hill ass.

Stopped by Big Peach and got new shoes, new socks and new gu. I signed up for the Silver Comet Half. So I am very excited about that. Still no marathon yet. I heard that Chickamuaga was hilly. ING is going to be my hills this year. I really want a flat-- or at least, gentler--marathon this fall. Seriously, the hills? They get old. I am still wanting to do Rocket City but I really want something in November too. I mean, assuming I ever get rid of this cold . . .

So the wedding was fabulous and very, uhm, hysterical. I promise to share all the wild tales shortly. I was so busy last week at Lala's that my house is sorely neglected and I am playing major catch up here. I will try to upload some pictures to Flicker so you can take a peek and I'll fill you in on all the crazy details soon-- as presently they are still slowly filtering back into my mind. Let's just say this was a wedding where pretty much every one-- except those that do not ever drink (who are these people anyway and why would they do that?) or are pregnant-- was completely and utterly shit-faced. So pretty much everyone is filling in everyone else's blanks. I still have a few more people to call and get their version. Will report back. Hug and kisses all. I say this as I blow tons of snot out of my nose. So very pretty.


  1. Ms really need to get rid of that virus. Lots of clear fluids, chicken soup and lots of rest.

    November my neck of the woods there is OBX on 11 Nov...but of course you already did that one last year...and then there is Richmond on 10 Nov. It's a great race, great crowds and the trees have their autumn dress on. Some rolling hills. On 8 Dec there is the Charlotte marathon...but I hear that one is hilly. Anyway some options. ;o)

    How about that Steph! She is becoming quite the Triathlete!

    Here's hoping you're feeling better soon!

  2. Damn, girl! Sounds like the snot monster doesn't want to set you free! Total bummer. You'll win in the end... I know it :-)

    I decided to ditch the Silver Comet HM, cause I ain't got no money, and I have my first 20 mile training run to do that weekend, and I was just having a hard time figuring out how to reconcile the two of them.

    Rocket City is flat, flat! Maybe you could tune up with the Atlanta Half, but that might be too many hills as well.

    C ya :-)

  3. Get well soon! We should meet up at Silver Comet Half. It should probably be before though, because you'll be finished looooooooooong before me, lol!

  4. I enjoyed our ride on Monday. Maybe next week we can learn to do snot rockets without getting covered in goo. Or just bring some kleenex.

  5. Hopefully snot rockets won't be an issue next week. Are you still riding today? Not sure if I feel up for a run but I think I could handle a bike ride.