Thursday, September 27, 2007

Flying in the Face of Good Sense


I am sick, still sick and not well at all. I thought I was well enough to run today but I didn't even make it a 1/4 mile before my head was spinning and I was hacking.

As I mentioned Monday I was not feeling well. But even still I managed a 5 mile run and 24 mile bike ride. By the end of the day though I felt the tell tale heaviness in my chest and knew this was not allergies. Then I woke up with fever and coughing up all this gross and gelatinous mucus. I had my gyno appointment that day and I figured he would take mercy on me and give me some antibiotics.

But such was not the case. He said virus not an infection and refused me antibiotics and said he couldn't give me "the good cough syrup" because of my allergy to pain meds. Basically he told me to suck it up and deal. Blasted allergies! Fucking Chuck E.!

Since then I've been on a steady dose of Sudafed and Benedryal and Lala commented yesterday that I was so calm, so even keeled, so unlike my usual spastic and neurotic self. Yeah, no kidding.

At any rate I felt better yesterday--no fever-- and feel even better today despite all the yucky snotty stuff clogging up my head and bronchial passages. The good news is that the snotty stuff is no longer greenish brown but a nice pale yellow. I am taking that as proof positive that my condition is improving. My mood and attitude --not so much.

I am in printing hell. My printer and I are squaring off over my sister's wedding programs. I am winning, but only slightly: 27 successful programs printed; 19 unsuccessful programs printed.
Blasted MS Publisher.
Damn paper jam.
Cursed low ink cartridge.
This. Is. War.

Next up for my fun morning: PAYROLL!!

And then I am resigned to the wedding chaos at Pop and Lala's.

See, most people find planning a wedding stressful enough. But my parents? They want a real challenge. So they not only have a wedding at their house they also decide to renovate their house and re landscape it too.

Wait, I don't think you understand.

They decide to renovate it themselves. And then they think up eight billion other little projects to also do while they are simultaneously painting, sawing, tiling, laying stone, grouting and plastering walls. Like what? Like painting a chandelier, making a fire pit, a stone wall, a table, curtains and so on. No, my Dad isn't retired. And yes Lala has a job too.

You know that Bob the Builder song with the refrain: Can we fix it? Yes we can! Well my parent's have a theme song and it goes a little like this:
Pop and Lala
Can we build it?
Yes we can!
Can we have a party for 200 people?
Yes we can!
Can we make everything ourselves?
Yes we can!
Can we make things easy?
No we can't!
Are we insane?
Yes we are!
Pop and Lala

So maybe tomorrow I can run. Or maybe I should go ride my bike just to get my endorphin fix. Because I need it. Oh, what to do what to do.

Le sigh. I did say this week was going to be a cut back week but I was thinking more in terms of 40 miles--not 5. At the very least I hope am much better by Saturday so I don't have to hack my way through my sister's wedding.

PS. That's right Lala; I'm blogging instead of at your house working.


  1. The funny thing about that Bob the Builder song is they sing: "Can we build it?" "Yes we can!" Then they sing: "Can we fix it?" "Yes we can!" So, if they're always having to fix what they build, Bob and crew must be pretty unreliable builders.

    I hope you're feeling better soon.

  2. You know, there is a group ride leaving from City Hall at 5:45 today. I had a hall pass from Doug, but decided I was too busy to go but maybe could change the plan . . .

  3. Love the song! hope you feel better soon!